Saturday, December 25, 2010


Before I get into journaling our Christmas doings, I have to say that more than HALF of the pictures taken got deleted. I don't even know when, but when I downloaded all the pics onto the computer, not ONE picture from Christmas Eve or Christmas morning was there. I'm still sick about it. So, all the pictures on this post are from the afternoon on Christmas day.
We spent Christmas is California this year with Brandon's family. Christmas Eve was with the Reed's at Grandma Nawatha & Grandpa Frank's home. It was wonderful to see all of them.
Christmas morning, the kids awoke to stockings full of goodies and gifts from Santa; Jemma got a Pink Razor, Carter received a bicycle (with training wheels) and Gavin got a family of Potato Heads. :)
We spent Christmas day with the Zamaroni's. It was really nice to spend all day in one place. It made for a very relaxing Christmas. Here are some pictures from the afternoon with family.
Brandon and his Grandpa Ron.

Gavin getting tickled by Papa and squeezed by Nina.

Carter, Jemma and cousin Trey enjoying Christmas Dinner.

Gavin with his Great-Grandma Ruth.

Carter and his new Little People Wheelies.

Jemma and Great-Aunt Jill watching "The Polar Express". Jemma just fell in love with Aunt Jill that day.

Carter with his other Great Grandma, G.G. Jean. He was well loved that day! Don't think he touched the floor after all the family arrived. :)

Carter playing with a new toy.
That is also the only picture left that I got of any of our children near a Christmas Tree...can you tell I'm still upset about losing all those pictures. DANG IT!
We had a wonderful Christmas. We are especially grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ, for the gift of His life and for this time of year that allows us to more fully reflect on His birth and all of our blessings.

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