Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

We rang in the new year in Tahoe at "Stonehaven"- Grammy and Grandpa Stone's cabin - with my parents, and about 3/4 of my siblings. We drove up in a snow storm (what usually takes 3 hours took 6 1/2...Gavin was NOT happy.) Although the storm brought yucky road conditions, it also brought LOADS of fresh, fluffy, fabulous SNOW!!! So, we played outside LOTS.

Jemma making a snow angel.

Daphne and Jemma.
Hayden & Carter.

Pretty trees.
Can you see Hayden back there?

Our family, minus Gavin who was snug and warm, snoozin' in the cabin.

Brandon & Arthur built a fun sled run for the looked like so much fun, Brandon tried it out too. :)Brothers, Sean and Hayden.

Wipe out by Carter. He LOVED it!!! He would have ridden those sleds all day if his hands hadn't gone numb. :(
He is wearing those goggles only because Brandon wore them to snowboard and, let's face it, Carter wants to be just like his daddy.
Successful sled run.

Sharee had the idea to build a snowman and all the fresh snow was PeRfEcT for Snowman building.
Nathan with his killer snowball! The family of snowmen taking shape.
Jacob adding the oreo eyes and avacodo pit nose.

Nothing quite like eating freshly fallen snow. Delish!
Jemma, ready with an arm for one of the snowmen.

Me and Dallin perfecting their shape.

The finished snowmen. The builders left to right: Sharee, me, Emma, Jacob, and Nathan. Dallin, Sean and Hayden on the front left and Daphne and Jemma (still holding the arm) on the right.

I had to stick this picture on here because it was the only one of Gavin outside. This was his first visit to the snow.
We always have such a wonderful time at the cabin with family. We are grateful to Grammy and Grandpa Stone for generously sharing it with us!


The Pitts Family said...

Love Carter's hat :) Your family is so beautiful!

Mason & Laura said...

so fun! It makes me wish for snow in Oregon! I love Brandon's face on the kiddie sled run; priceless. And I just have to say that your hair is so cute, I love that you have the guts to change it up and do different things--you always look so cute!

Kristina said...

I delighted in all of your pictures! Especially the snow covered trees. Now I'm completely homesick, not for Stonehaven of course, but my old snowy home! Which reminds me, I just had this 'aha' moment when I realized that Stonehaven is actually Stone-Haven after the Stone family. I'm a total dummy! Your family is just too adorable. And, nice job on those snowmen!