Friday, February 1, 2013

Holy Hannah Catch-Up

 I have a pretty darn good excuse...again...for falling so far behind on the blogging thing; pretty sure our desktop has a virus and won't let us on the internet anymore, and our laptop battery completely died and wouldn't turn on.  So, we just replaced the laptop battery and we are back in business!
Jemma turns 7!
December 15, 2012

We had a simple celebration with just our family this year.  She requested Hawaiian Haystacks for her birthday dinner with a chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream for dessert.  Her big gift was a new 20 in. bike.  This baby is big enough for me to ride around!  We played boola-boola (aka "hot and cold") for her to find it...we originally had it in the attic, but ended up re-placing it in the guest bathroom.  :)
Seven Facts About Jemma:  
She loves all things girly; accessories, make-up, sparkles/glitter and pink.
Her favorite movie is pretty much ANY movie, but she says she likes the Barbie movies most.
She loves to play games with her family and has recently learned Skippo.
Her favorite thing about school is recess.
She is a good little singer and likes to get her groove on.  ;)
She tells me one of her favorite places to visit is the Library because it is quiet and peaceful there.  (We might be lacking in those two things at home because we have a couple of rowdy boys!)
Her favorite dessert is chocolate ice cream.

We LOVE you Jemma!!!

Brandon turns 30!
December 24, 2012

 Look at all those CANDLES!  Just kidding.  Thirty really isn't that old...Brandon just thinks so (and I will too in a few more months :/ ). 

Brandon requested Bow Tie Pasta with rolls, steamed green beans and strawberries for his birthday dinner and a chocolate cream pie...and chocolate ice cream (of course) for dessert.  
We celebrated a day early so it could be ALL about him.  :)

Just a few things we love about this man:
He is a hard worker.
He knows how to goof off and have FUN.
He is unselfish.
He is an outstanding example.
He makes a killer smoothie.  :)
He makes us laugh and keeps things from getting dull at the Reed residence.
He is a good listener.
He is unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lives it.
He makes us want to be better.
we have NO DOUBT that he loves us back!

Happy 30th Birthday Brandon!

Christmas Eve
We spent Christmas Eve at home...for the first time EVER since Brandon and I were married.  We read the Christmas story from the scriptures, the kids acted out the Nativity, then we opened new pj's, took quick baths and built our forts/hiding places to watch Santa from the next morning.  I don't know why I didn't photograph the kids in their hiding spots!

I did get the kids to pose for me in their new jammies...

...and when I say pose, I mean they really "posed".
Silly kids.  :)

This was also our first Christmas at home.  The morning was quite wake up in our own beds and then stay in our pajamas playing with new toys and snacking on stocking goods was pretty awesome.  I really was fine, until we face timed with family...then I lost it.  Things felt entirely too quiet and I wanted in on the game playing, carol singing, chit-chatting, baking, cooking, NOISY Christmas we've become accustomed to.  Sigh.
It's a good thing we had the Bair family to help keep us busy that afternoon.  We went and saw a movie at the $2 theater...practically had the whole place to ourselves...then had Christmas dinner at our place and topped it off with games.

But before I get too far ahead of myself...
Santa brought Jemma a doll house for her little dolls, Carter a new bike,

and Gavin a race track.

A few more present opening pics:

 New Years Eve
Our former next-door-neighbors and some of our dearest family friends live just 6 hours from us!!!  So, lucky us, we got to spend all of New Years Eve with them!!!  We met in Charleston, South Carolina and spent the day exploring Charles Town Landing.
This place was awesome and the company was even better, so it made for a perfect day!
Here are an array of photos for the day.  The kids played great all day long, Brandon and Shawn got to chat about optometry for hours and Kristina and I talked about everything else under the I miss sharing a wall with you guys!  

In the stalks...

On the ship...

I want to live here!!!

...minus the gators in the backyard...

There were so many things to see and do there.  It was AWESOME, but the best thing I saw all day was this gal!

Spending the day with Kristina and her family made it feel like we still shared a wall and I could peek through her kitchen window to see what magnificent sewing project she was working on, or peek over the back fence to be inspired by her thrift re-makes.  The good ol' days!  Meeting up with them was the best way to finish out 2012!

So, there are some of the highlights from the end of LAST YEAR.  Still can't believe 2012 is OVER and we're already a month into the new year.  Time moves too fast.