Saturday, January 31, 2009

Before and After

Before: Ronchy (is that a real word...?) old frame and kind of unattractive painting from Goodwill.

After: Frame with a fresh coat of paint and a little sanding for a "distressed look", 2x3ft. piece of wood with a couple coats chalkboard paint...Homemade Chalkboard!

Ode to the kiddos!

I just had to post in honor of my children. These two little people SLAY ME!!! Brandon and I can talk about these two for TOO long and TOO late. These photos speak a thousand words...
I found Jemma and Carter sitting on the floor...Jemma looking at books, Carter watching Jemma in between his snacking on the books. PrEcIoUs!!

CARTER DID IT! Oh the Talent.

Mischeif Maker!!!! This boy is into everything these days, but his curious nature cracks me up! His favorite thing to get into guessed it, the bathroom. Mostly the toilet paper and garbage can...YUCK! If that door is left open, he army crawls as fast as he can right in there and...Mischeif Making Begins!

One of Jemma's favorite things to do is "HELP" with dinner (wonderful), Carter with getting onto the couch(not so wonderful), Daddy with eating a snack while watching a Disney favorite...ya know, all the really important stuff.

The park is a big time favorite for Jemma. We just found this new place called "Out of this World Pizza"...holy cow they have two 2-story slides and any and every other fun play equiptment you could imagine...and it's all indoors! Perfect for here in Oregon! Last time we went, Jemma played for three hours straight...I had to bribe her with gum and fruit snacks to get her to come home with me.


What in the world would we do without these two? We are SOOO THANKFUL for their sweet spirits, for the good times that are more precious because of the not so good times :o), for the love they have for each other and for us. Thank Heaven for these little ones!