Thursday, December 9, 2010

The things they say...

"Carter, if you keep being mean to me, I'm just gonna give you away."

I asked Jemma to clean up her toys or something the other day and she was reluctant to participate so I told her she needed to be obedient. (We've had A LOT of talks about listening & obeying lately.) She responded in her most teenage-like voice,

"Mom, Santa is watching you." hmmm.

The picture below is of my old blanket which Carter has decided is now his blanket. We had a conversation a few months back about how it used to be mine when I was little, but now, because he loves it SOOOO much, I'm giving it to him. He calls it is "yellow nigh-night" and it is absolutely falling apart at the seams...LITERALLY. The picture doesn't really do it justice...when you hold it up in the light, sections are completely see through because it's so thread-bare, the batting is hanging out and I'm reluctant to fix it because that would mean removing the lace trim, and he LOVES to twist it in his fingers when he's going to sleep. Anyway... the other day he was sitting on my bed with his blanket and he said,
"Mama look, it's wipping. Pwobly we need some tape."
Other stuff Carter has said lately:
"It smells like pizza. I think it's Gavin...pwobly he has pizza poop."

Carter putting a peice of gum in his mouth: "This is super good Mom...(a few seconds pass)...for our bodies."


Mason & Laura said...

I am laughing out loud! Soooo cute. Gum is good for our bodies though, right?!

Mason & Laura said...

oh and P.S. I want to get together with you and make hair bows so you can teach me your amazing ways, and I reeeeally need an eye exam. I am saving it for Brandon to do ... we just need to figure out a good time to make it up there!

Kristina said...

Pizza poop? Hilarious. I need to have your funny kids over to play soon. They're adorable and I miss them!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Ha! I don't know how I missed this post! So cute! Pwobly it needs tape. I love it!