Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So, maybe I'm the only retard who didn't realize that putting a ceramic crock pot on direct heat is a BIG NO NO.
Yesterday was "Soup for Finals" day for optometry students at Pacific University...that's when all the super stellar wives make soup and bake rolls to feed the op students to help ease the stress of finals...(but what they don't realize is that it's an ADDED stress for most of us wives/mommies.) But, we put a smile on and get up at the crack of dawn to make sure our soup is done and at the school by 11:00am to feed those hungry students.
Well, needless to say, yesterday I had a very full morning; had to have myself and 3 kids ready, fed and out the door by 8:45am to take Jemma and our neighbor to preschool, then off to goodwill to drop off a trunk full of stuff and then a quick grocery run before heading home to get the soup made and to the school by 11:00am before running back to pick up Jemma and two other children from preschool at 11:15. But knowing this was going to be my morning, I did some prepping the night before. I had my potatoes washed and in the oven ready to be baked the night before and had those cooked before I even left to take the kids to preschool. So, when I came home from running around, putting the soup together really wasn't a big deal, but at 10:45 when it wasn't quite warm enough, but already in the crock pot, I thought, why not stick it on the stove for a few minutes just to heat it through. (I didn't put it in the oven because part of the lid is plastic...)
Anyway, that was real dumb.
I was throwin' shoes on Carter when a burning smell started filling up the kitchen. My thoughts: "CRUMBS! The bottom of the soup is burning!" So, I went to lift the crock pot off the stove top and (the sound of cracking, splashing...sounded like an explosion...best way I can describe it) soup EVERYWHERE!!! By the time I thought to take a picture, I had already cleaned off the counters, front of the stove and oven and the floor. So, this picture really doesn't do justice to what a
it really was. The soup was EVERYWHERE; in the oven, in my pans stored in the oven drawer, under the oven, on the cupboards, down the sides of the stove, not to mention the stove top...I had to wash off all the burners and change all the foil.
In case you can't tell, that's the bottom of my crock pot still on the stove. The whole base just came right off. And now, the whole thing is in the dumpster. (In case you thought it would be anywhere else...)
So, seconds after this happened, I got a text from Brandon..."What's the latest"...he was planning on coming out to help me carry in the soup and rolls since I would have Gavin and Carter with me. So, I called him and seriously, fighting back tears, (I was really, really upset over the whole thing!) told him what happened (Carter in the background was saying, "OUR SOUP EXPLODED!!!") Anyway, Brandon came to my rescue. He ran home, took Carter with him to drop off the rolls, explained the soup situation and picked up the three kids from preschool while I put Gavin down for a nap and cleaned every square inch of this oven...literally. It's NEVER been so clean.
So, I was trying to figure out why losing all that soup was so upsetting...and you know what, it wasn't so much the soup as ALL MY TIME! My time is SACRED these days and I lost HOURS over that darn crock pot of soup. And now, I don't even have a crock pot! My super-duper time saver when it comes to dinner (especially on Sunday).
I'm over it.
(Sort of. But not really.)
Moral of story: don't put your ceramic crock pot on the stove/direct heat or it'll bust WIDE OPEN!


Sierra said...

Oh no!!!
I would've never guessed that that would happen.
I totally understand the time thing.
I gotta say, though, reading what Carter was saying in the background about it exploding made me giggle.
Wish I had an extra crockpot to give you!!

Mason & Laura said...

I would cry too!!!!

All that work, and then disappointment! Plus no more crock pot! I'm so sorry!!

But I'm glad you were sane enough to take pictures, 'cause then maybe one day you can laugh about it? Maybe not. But wow, that is one crazy morning!

Kristina said...

I am exhausted after reading that, I need a nap. That is an aweful story, I'm so sorry it happened to you! Last year, now this year... Soup for Finals is cursed for you, whatever you do, don't volunteer again.
Hey, in a few weeks church will be at 9am, so you won't need as many crock-pot meals. Until then, you can eat at our house!

Sara said...

Oh dear! I'm glad you are safe, crockpotless but at least no burns. Maybe Santa will bring you a crockpot!

The Pitts Family said...

For me, I was thinking, all that cleaning! That is a lot of cleaning. I am so sorry, that is awful. I would have cried. Definitely.

Sharee and Arthur said...

Oh Jenny, I am sorry. I would have cried for sure. I would never have guessed the crockpot would have done that. And I know exactly what you mean about your time being precious. I laughed right out loud about Carter yelling, "Our soup exploded!" In fact, I laughed again just now as I envisioned him saying that. Someday it will be funny. Like maybe in 25 years when all your kids are grown and you have a lot more free time. :) You are awesome, Jenny!