Thursday, October 11, 2012

Speed entry...

I was talking to my sister Sharee on the phone the other day and mentioned that I had become SO FAR behind on blogging that I didn't even want to do it anymore.  There was just no way I was ever going to unburry myself from the ridiculous number of blog posts I had neatly sitting in files on the desktop.  She, being a very wise sister, suggested I do a "speed entry" where-in I choose one picture from each outing from the past month+, post them, and call it good.  So here goes.
 Brandon's grandma came to visit us in August and was a trooper with these guys...even got on the trampoline with them.  :)
 During her visit, we spent a day at Stone Mountain.  (Could've done a fully blown post with like 20+ pictures of this trip...but for the sake of catching up, I'll spare you all the nitty-gritty.)  Suffice it to say, it was a super fun place and we could have easily spent more than just a day there.  Jemma even did a full blown ropes course for the first time.  Very cool place!
 We visited Andersonville, an old Confederate prison.  Very sobering experience.  Again, I wish I were more on top of things so I could say more about this experience.  Made me so sad for all the lives lost unnecessarily during war.

Spent a day at Six Flags with new friends, the Winward family.  SO FUN!
The dads took the older kids on a rafting ride and they all came back drenched.  Kinda glad I stayed behind with Gavin.  ;)
Gavin has managed to acquire a few more facial injuries...we need to wrap that poor boy in bubble wrap and make him wear a helmet all. day. long.

Carter started Pre-K.  (That's what they call preschool out here...but it's NOT preschool.  They expect these little guys to be reading by the end of the year.  Whatever.  That is SO not a priority for me.)  We finally found a school that wasn't ALL DAY.  I know!  Is that not the weirdest thing ever???  All day pre-k???  I cried the first day I dropped him off and he's still adjusting to leaving home for 3 hours each day, but I'd say it's all for the best.  Otherwise all day kindergarten would come as a real shock for this homebody!

Carter and Jemma in school each morning has given me some much needed one-on-one time with this little tyke who I am realizing is not so little anymore.  :(  He is such a happy, easy-going kid.  SO FUN!  He will do anything with me.  Yard work, projects, errands, baking, you name it, he's down.  And if he gets bored, he just snags a bin of toys and plays contently while I finish up whatever needs finishing.

I might have to do one more of these "speed entries" to get me current, but that gets us through the middle of September for now.
I'm feeling better already!  :)