Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Boys

There's really no point to laying a blanket on the floor for your 6 month old when he ALWAYS rolls and scoots off of it. But, for some reason, I keep laying one down. I guess it makes me feel like a better mom...I'm not just laying my baby down on the (dirty) carpet.
I've decided to start purchasing more brown colored tops for Carter...I think they'll hold up a lot better cuz you won't be able to see all the mud, chocolate icecream, brownie batter, blood, etc.
(His sweater is surprisingly clean in this photo...
It didn't look like that by the time he was done! Should've taken a picture then.)


Sharee and Arthur said...

Cute pics! That little Gavin is looking a lot like his Daddy! Sydney is rolling off her blankets too. Fun times. ;)

aj said...

Seriously. What is it about putting a blanket down that makes one feel like a better mom? I did the same thing with Jackson & sure enough, he was off that thing in no time flat! Can't believe how fast your kids are growing.