Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reed Update

So, things have been a little bit hectic around the Reed residence these days...boxes everywhere and all the insanity that goes along with moving...especially a long distance move. (I guess I really can't complain. It's only one state over...) Anyway, I just thought I'd put a few new pics on to letcha know we're still surviving. Sadly, I didn't have any new ones of Brandon, but I'm sure I'll get a few shots on Saturday of him LOADING UP THE TRAILER!!!
This one is just me and the kids relaxing after a long tiring day of...more packing...
Same day... Carter was just sitting in his bouncer and Jemma pulled her booster seat up to him and was chatting with her "wittle buddy, baby catar"... he LOVES her so much...he just beams when she talks to him.
Jemma in the tree in the front yard...I think this was after one of the yard sales we had...just one of our many attempts to de-clutter.
Carter is holding his head up really well these days...he still has a tendency to just put his head down and fall asleep. Too cute...I love the way babies wrinkle their brows!
One more shot of the little man...he looks like he could join my dad at the office! (I believe Friday is their official Hawaiian shirt day.) He is such a little sweet heart...major snuggler...and by the way, he's sleeping through the night! NINE hours a night and he's two months, sixteen days old. WHAT A CHAMP!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Fruits of our Labors!

I love planting a garden. I just find so much enjoyment in planting and watching things grow. This year, although we're moving to Oregon and will be unable to enjoy most of the produce, we planted a vegetable and herb garden. I've been using the fresh parsley, chives, basil, oregano and cilantro most of the summer, but the other day I went out to thin the carrotts and found that some were big enough to use in a meal. There were also some snow peas ready for picking and my impatient nature left me digging up a hill of potatoes before I headed for the house. (This was my first time planting potatoes...SOOOOO FUN!)

So, last night, we went ahead and used the carrotts and snow peas (along with some store bought broccoli...ours is still far from ready) in some chicken stirfry.

It was delicious! Nothing like home-grown produce!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We had an eventful 4th of July! We started out at the Rexburg Parade with Jewels and was insanely hot! Our water bottles had very warm-borderline hot-water in them by the end, but it was still worth attending! By the way, we are SOOOO going to miss Jewels and Eric when we move to Oregon. It has been so fun living so close to them.
A shot of Jemma - awe struck by the wonders included in the parade.
Jemma and Aunt Jewel checking things out.

Me and Brandon...can't beat a $5 tee at Old Navy!
One of the floats were handing out balloons...Jemma LOVES balloons...she calls the "yoons". Brandon took her right up to the lady handing them out to make sure she got one. What a great dad!
This old airplane had WOOD propelors. CrAzY!
Me and Jemma.
Carter slept throught the whole thing in his stroller...what a trooper!

Jemma staying cool...or as cool as possible...with her bottle of warm water. The tank behind her was insanely huge. There were people sitting on top of it throwing candy to the crowds and we didn't think they would clear the trees!
Don't know if you can tell what that it is the front of that float, but just so you know, it's supposed to be a bald eagle. The Hair Academy, a beauty school here in Rexburg did this one, and all the people's costumes were primarily made of hair...ya, those wings - hair. Abraham Lincolns hat - hair...You get the point.
Me and Carter back at the house while we're waiting for our hamburgers to be barbequed...still sleeping!
He's awake! I had to get a shot, or two of the kids in their festive clothing! Don't know if you can tell, but Jemma had on some cute red, white and blue plaid shorts, compliments of Nina and Papa. The overalls Carter is wearing were thanks to them too!

When we went to the park to wait for the fireworks to start, we set up ladder golf to pass the time. For those who have never played, it's a pretty fun out door game. Jemma wanted to be part of the fun too, but she stayed out of the way pretty well by copying Alison off to the side here.

And it wouldn't be the 4th of July without some fireworks! Jay and Alison brought some sparklers and let Jemma have a go at them. Dad monitoring our little pyro. The fireworks show here in Rexburg was, lets just say modest...but cute! Perfect for little kids. Here's one of the shots we got of the fireworks show.
We had a fun day, and most importantly, were able to reflect on the blessings that we recieve from living in this free country! We love America and pray that it will forever be the "land of the free and the home of the brave!"

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Quick Update...

Jemma and Carter are both keeping me SOOOO BUSY! Who knows how things are gonna go when I go back to work next's a good thing it's only two days a week and only until we move to Oregon...Anyway, I can't tell you how good Jemma has been with Carter. She hasn't shown any signs of jealously, she loves to help take care of her little brother, and tonight, she couldn't go to sleep until she had kissed and hugged Carter goodnight!

So, this little boy LOVES tummy time...but only because he has decided that that's the position he likes most when it comes to SLEEPING! Big no-no according to health proffessions...What am I to do? Not only about the sleeping thing, but about getting him to exercize his little neck muscles...he is out cold before I can get him to raise his head up even one time! of Carter's first milestones...SMILES!!! I just love the way he lights up when you get down close to him and is sooo adorable! Today, he even let out a few little giggles. Those sleepless night are paying off!