Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Preschool Grad

Jemma has a late birthday (December) so she missed the cutoff for kindergarten and didn't get to start with the rest of her friends last fall. Up until then, we had just done stuff at home together and a little co-op preschool with some other moms and their daughters. But with all her friends starting school, Jemma was a little bummed...so, we decided to get her enrolled in a preschool so she could "attend school" too. :)

I have to admit, it took some serious dedication on my part...getting 3 kids up and going so we could be out the door at 8:45 and then heading back at 11:10 to pick her up. It was especially tricky with a new baby, but it was all worth it. She has loved this last year of school and has learned so much.

Last Thursday was her graduation from preschool. They gave all the "graduates" those little visors. Aren't they cute?

I had to throw a picture of Carter in. He has been such a good sport...all the time he spent in his car seat taking and picking Jemma up from school.

Jem waiting with some of her girl buddies before the graduation started.

Jemma receiving her diploma.

Jemma with teachers Terri and Melissa.

Posing with her diploma and "All About Me" poster.

After graduation was over, I remembered we had been meaning to put together a small gift for her teachers...luckily, Friday was the last day of preschool, so we rushed home and put these little treats together to give them the next day. I got the idea off of Our Best Bites.

The little note says, "Pull Tab. The contents of this can are to be used purely for the treatment of stress due to teaching. When feeling such ailments, wait for recess, lock door, hide under desk, and consume immediately".

It was really fun putting these together with Jemma and hopefully her teachers felt a small ounce of our appreciation for all they've done during the year.

Last Soccer Game

Jemma had her last soccer game about a week and a half ago...I know, I'm just a little behind. (As usual.)

Anyway, it was a perfect day! Sun shining, moderate temperatures...everything Oregon hasn't been lately. Usually, just Brandon or I go (and maybe Carter depending on his mood) because games were always right at dinner time and/or right after teaching piano lessons. But since it was the last game, we all went. Jemma has had a great time playing. She's learned a few things about the sport itself, but mostly just had a great time running around and cheering on her teammates.

This is how most games looked...a mass of children herding around the field with the ball right in the middle. Hilarious.

Gavin enjoying a few orange peels, that's right, peels during the game. Hey, they're chuck full of Vitamin C and they were keeping him happy.
Half-time...for Jemma, not Carter, but apparently, he was exhausted from sitting on the sidelines, eating snacks and watching the game. Jemma looks like she's thoroughly enjoying herself, doesn't she?
Every time Jemma was called back onto the field, she would run right up to her coach and slam him with a huge hug. Yes, we told her not to do it many, MANY times. Some things just don't sink in with this 5 year old.

Water break.

Jem with her medal after the game. She was pretty proud of it; even set it aside for show and tell at preschool. :)

Last goal kick of the season. She always let out a little "HI-YAH!" when she did a corner or goal kick. Must have given her a little extra power behind the kick.

It was fun to try something new this year with Jemma. Maybe we'll do it again next year. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It's been a while since I've posted on any of my "projects", but I have been so pleased with the way this one turned out, that I just had to post about it.

A couple weeks ago, I was on my way to pick up Jemma from preschool, but had a few extra minutes, so I stopped by the Goodwill. Boy am I glad I did, cuz I found an awesome mirror for $6.99. I forgot to take a picture of it before I got started, but you can see it leaning against the back of the couch in this picture...

I guy in the checkout line was totally eyeing my find, walked right up and told me what a great mirror it was. He wanted to know what I was gonna do with it...it was pretty dinged up. I told him I was going to paint it, and he tried to talk me out of it...said I should use steel wool on it and just re-stain it...I am glad I didn't listen cuz I am in LOVE with this blue.
I also tried a new technique on it called glazing. (Thanks Tracy for the idea and Kristina for the glaze!) I did a gray glaze and really like the way it turned out...it gives it just the right "shabby chic" look I was goin' for.

In it's new home.

I had to post this picture...since the other side of our room doubles as Brandon's study, this is what I get to look at when I sit on my bed...lovely.

And this is the mirror that got replaced. It is now in search of a new place to hang...maybe I'll repaint it and put it in Gavin's room, since that is a HUGE project that I have been chipping away at forever...like ever since I found out I gave birth to a boy and not a girl...

Anyway, here's to re-dos and great deals at the Goodwill. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

I forgot to include this picture in the last post and blogger was being weird about me inserting it in the middle of the post, so here it is...in it's very own post. He got this car for his birthday and L.O.V.E.S. it. So CuTe!


It has taken me entirely too long to document the boys birthdays...especially Carter's. So, here's to 'better late than never'. :)

Carter's Birthday:

He had a list of things he wanted for his birthday, among which was the character Doc from Disney's Cars. I looked everywhere!!! And, unfortunately, I never did find one. :( I did however, find this set of 9 cars on clearance at Target for 70% off! He was pretty impressed.

Yah! His own RaZoR!

The birthday cake is a pretty big deal for our kids...unfortunately I am no cake-pro, but I do my best. Carter requested a green and blue cake with two levels and cars on top. He picked out like 8 cars...unfortunately I could only fit 2. I think he was still ok with that. :) We're singing "Happy Birthday" to him in this picture.

Big Blow!

Back to my big find at Target...he loved it so much he didn't even touch his cake and ice cream! Just played with those cars around his plate.

First ride on the razor.

Gavin's Birthday:
Side note: we spent a lot of time at the Dr's office this last week...lots of sickness...so Carter and I were waiting for a prescription to be filled at Safeway at one point so we headed to the Dollar Tree and he picked these party hats out for Gavin's birthday. The kids LOVED them...all except Gavin of course. He did not keep his on for long.

Carter sporting his hat.

Jemma in hers.

It's become tradition for the kids to get a toy from the Little People collection on their first birthday...mostly because I LOVE LITTLE PEOPLE! I tried not to go over board this year and snagged this cute little tugboat. :)

Gavin had lots of offers for help from his older siblings.

The paper is so much more fun than the actual present at this age. He would just toss whatever the contents were aside and immediately try to ingest the wrapping.

His cake. He didn't have a say in the appearance of this one...pretty sure he was ok with that.

He didn't actually get the big cake anyway...just a miniature version in cupcake form.

So, until Gavin, our kids have never done the typical "mess making" with their 1st birthday cupcake. I was always so disapointed when they just kind of poked at it and pushed it around their tray, but never really did anything with it, or even really tasted it! So, when Gavin had a hay-day with his, I was utterly pleased! Never have I been SO happy to clean up such a messy baby.

All that cake made his thirsty!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Gavin's 1st Year

The first birthday for each of my children has always been full of mixed emotions for me. I love that glimpses of their little personalities start to emerge and that they are becoming more independent, but I don't like that the first year is gone, marking their exit from infancy and entrance into being a toddler and so forth. I suppose it's all just part of the mortal experience...babies growing up and me not having a "baby" anymore. I guess I could just have another one. (ha ha ha...not yet.)

Enough of my sob story.

So what are Gavin's likes and dislikes?

Gavin loves cheese, strawberries, blueberries, saltine crackers, toast, the toaster (explanation later in the post), being outside, his pacifier (just since last month), his blanket, taking his socks off, the play kitchen in the kid's room, any garbage can and it's contents (gross), and plastic bags and paper...both VERY BAD things to play with since they're super-duper choking hazards.

Gavin dislikes his carseat, being told "no" (don't we all?), oatmeal, not making it out the front door before it gets closed, and having things taken away from him.

All in all, he's a pretty darn happy guy. We just love him so much and are so grateful for all the love and joy he has added to our family.

Here's Gavin from day one until today. CRAZY! They change so much that first year.

And they sleep for the first 3 months!

And then their eyes open, but they still just chill.

Then the smiles begin. LOVE that stage.

Rice cereal for the first time. I would make that face too if I had to eat that stuff.

Gavin lived in that carrier for the first 6 months of his life. It would have been longer, but my back just couldn't hack it anymore.

Aproximately 6 months old.


Finally has his top 2 teeth...that makes a grand total of 4 teeth.

Toting his latest favorite toy. Yup, that's a toaster. And yes, it's the one we use. We keep it in a cupboard (cuz there's just not room on the counter) and he goes to that cupboard, opens it, pulls the toaster out and drags it around by the cord. Crumbs eveywhere. If he were my first, I would have kepts telling him "no" and putting the toaster back in the cupboard over and over again...but he's not. He's #3 and I'm ok with him pulling a toaster around.

Happy 1st birthday Gavin. We love you!