Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zoo Lights - Fridged Style

Ever since we moved to Forest Grove, I have heard people talking about the Portland Zoo Lights at Christmas, we decided to take the kids on down to see them this year (mostly because we have Plus Memberships that give us free admission to Zoo Lights) and you know, it's a darn good thing we had those memberships because it was a MAD HOUSE for people without them just to get inside the darn Zoo.
After that, however, it was a mad house for EVERYONE.
We had told the kids about the train ride, so we HAD to do that, even though it was almost an hour wait in line. Good thing we had some hot cocoa to keep us warm because it was seriously cold. The temperatures weren't that low I guess...maybe 30 degrees or so, but the dampness is the Oregon air was KILLER!

On the train!

Snackin' on muddy buddies.

Yes, those are muddy buddies in her mouth. :)

So, I've gotta be honest...the train ride was not that impressive. Most of the lights were better seen off the train and we didn't even see any of the animals. Carter, (Mr. I'm so cold I'm going to throw a fit unless I'm being held) however, enjoyed it SO much that he did a little gallop-ee dance all the way off the train platform. So, I guess it was worth it. I'm just glad we didn't pay to get in...
See Zoo Lights before leaving Oregon: Check.

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