Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Preschool Grad

Jemma has a late birthday (December) so she missed the cutoff for kindergarten and didn't get to start with the rest of her friends last fall. Up until then, we had just done stuff at home together and a little co-op preschool with some other moms and their daughters. But with all her friends starting school, Jemma was a little bummed...so, we decided to get her enrolled in a preschool so she could "attend school" too. :)

I have to admit, it took some serious dedication on my part...getting 3 kids up and going so we could be out the door at 8:45 and then heading back at 11:10 to pick her up. It was especially tricky with a new baby, but it was all worth it. She has loved this last year of school and has learned so much.

Last Thursday was her graduation from preschool. They gave all the "graduates" those little visors. Aren't they cute?

I had to throw a picture of Carter in. He has been such a good sport...all the time he spent in his car seat taking and picking Jemma up from school.

Jem waiting with some of her girl buddies before the graduation started.

Jemma receiving her diploma.

Jemma with teachers Terri and Melissa.

Posing with her diploma and "All About Me" poster.

After graduation was over, I remembered we had been meaning to put together a small gift for her teachers...luckily, Friday was the last day of preschool, so we rushed home and put these little treats together to give them the next day. I got the idea off of Our Best Bites.

The little note says, "Pull Tab. The contents of this can are to be used purely for the treatment of stress due to teaching. When feeling such ailments, wait for recess, lock door, hide under desk, and consume immediately".

It was really fun putting these together with Jemma and hopefully her teachers felt a small ounce of our appreciation for all they've done during the year.


Kristina said...

I guess I will mention to all your readers that you made Jemma's dress. It's amazing! I love the fabric and wish I had one of my own. What a cute gift idea for her teachers, too. Congrats to the new graduate... and KINDERGARTENER! I cannot believe how quickly these kids grow.

Jen said...

I love the dress! Is there a pattern for grown ups? I want one... :)

Sharee and Arthur said...

I thought you probably made her dress. Darling as always. We made those cute cans for my kids teachers this year too! (Thank you, Our Best Bites) Sean had three teachers in his preschool class, so we made 5 of those cans. (I wasted quite a lot of fruit cocktail. As it turns out, my kids don't even like that stuff, and I have a case of it from Costco out in my food storage.)