Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quotes from May

My sister Sharee does this each month with the things her kids say during the month and I LOVE reading that fact, I look forward to's a new month, she's gonna be posting stuff her kids said last month any. day.! So, I thought, ya know, I ought to be documenting the things my kids say. I mean, kids say the funniest, weirdest stuff and I LOVE IT! So, here was my first attempt at keeping track of some of their remarks from May(and "some" is an the time I got to the computer, I had usually forgotten what it was they said that I wanted to jot down...I'll try to do better this month).

Just a disclaimer, the spacing in this post is all wacked up...don't know how to fix it, so, sorry 'bout that. It's bloggers fault.

Jemma really likes Star Wars...Carter, not so much, but he agrees to watch it with Jemma if she covers his eyes during the scary parts...
Star Wars Narrative: Carter: Cover my eyes!!! Jemma: Don't worry. This is not a scary part. It's just a man. (pause) With a pink face. (pause) And purple eyes. And a black hood. (Sounds scary to me.)

Jemma: I did choose a shirt with a butterfly and pants with flowers because butterflies land on flowers. (So that's how she chooses her clothes and justifies what matches and what doesn't...)

Jemma has been exercising with me lately. I told her that I didn't want her to use weights because it could stunt her growth. So, tonight when I was tucking her into bed, our conversation went like this:
Jemma: I'm almost gonna be six.
Me: In seven months. I think you should just enjoy being five and not think about growing up too fast. I want you to stay my little girl.
Jemma: If you want me to stay like this, then I have to use weights.

Jemma: Hey Mom, whenever Christian (a boy in the neighborhood) rides his bike, I always see his crack-bum (bum-crack) and I go like this: (eyes open wide and jaw drops) .

Jemma: What's gonna be happening tomorrow? Me: You have your preschool graduation. Jemma: I'm gonna graduate before Dad!

Me: Carter can you say the prayer for breakfast? Carter: Hm. I guess so. (That's his response to everything now...unless he just says "no"'s rarely a "yes" anymore.)

We've been doing a lot of decluttering and so the other day, I mentioned to Carter that we needed to take some things to Goodwill, to which he responded in reference to our home, "And this is Badwill".

Me: What do you guys want for dinner? Jemma: Spaghetti! Carter: No. I want some cocky-bo-bo. (That's just one of his nonsense phrases for, well practically everything...and he thinks he's hilarious whenever he says it.) Jemma: Sorry Carter. We're all out of cocky-bo-bo.


Kristina said...

cocky-bo-bo? That KILLS me! Tell Carter he can have cocky-bo-bo at my house whenever he wants. I miss those funny kids of yours. And I miss Badwill!
Kids really do say hilarious things. I used to write them down, but haven't in a while. Your post reminded me the importance of actually 'listening' to these critters... instead of turning up the radio louder so I can't hear them.

Travis and Heather said...

Crack bum. Seriously laughed out louuuud at that one. What a fabulous tradition. Oh yes, and THANK YOU for your post about graduation and the lovely gifts you gave to the teachers. I am going to frantically put together a few tonight for Corbyn's lovely teacher. I was just scraping the last intelligent piece of my brain out trying to think of something!

Jen said...

I love the idea of keeping track of what the kids say! My sister-in-law has a special notepad on her fridge so she can write them down before she forgets them. And I love that Jemma is graduating "before" Brandon. It kinda feels like that sometimes, eh?

Sharee and Arthur said...

Oh Yahoo, for QUOTES!!! I laughed out loud the whole time! I love them all--"He's not scary. It's just a man with a pink face and purple eyes and a black hood!" And I love the cocky-bo-bo, and badwill. So, the trick to a really good quote page (not that this isn't good--but you mentioned you couldn't remember some of them) is to start the post at the beginning of the month, and when they say something you want to remember, just add it to the post and then finally at the end of the month, you post it. ;) Which reminds me I need to get my May quotes up there. I didn't do very good on my May quotes--it's gonna be slim this month.

Sharee and Arthur said...

Okay, Hayden kept talking to me and demanding I make him pancakes while I was leaving my comment. So I was kind of distracted and not sure if I made any sense. What I meant was that you keep the post running for the whole month and just save it after you add stuff the kids say, and then at the end of the month you publish the post. okay, I better go make some pancakes before Hayden kills me.

Eric and Jewels said...

Oh Jenny, Eric and I had some good laughs reading your kid's quotes! We love Carter's "cocky bo-bo" saying, too funny. Thanks for sharing I'm excited for next months quotes!

Mason & Laura said...

ohhh these are HILARIOUS! I am laughing out loud. Hilarious. and your quilt is amazing, and so are your clover pictures! Beautiful!