Monday, May 23, 2011


It has taken me entirely too long to document the boys birthdays...especially Carter's. So, here's to 'better late than never'. :)

Carter's Birthday:

He had a list of things he wanted for his birthday, among which was the character Doc from Disney's Cars. I looked everywhere!!! And, unfortunately, I never did find one. :( I did however, find this set of 9 cars on clearance at Target for 70% off! He was pretty impressed.

Yah! His own RaZoR!

The birthday cake is a pretty big deal for our kids...unfortunately I am no cake-pro, but I do my best. Carter requested a green and blue cake with two levels and cars on top. He picked out like 8 cars...unfortunately I could only fit 2. I think he was still ok with that. :) We're singing "Happy Birthday" to him in this picture.

Big Blow!

Back to my big find at Target...he loved it so much he didn't even touch his cake and ice cream! Just played with those cars around his plate.

First ride on the razor.

Gavin's Birthday:
Side note: we spent a lot of time at the Dr's office this last week...lots of Carter and I were waiting for a prescription to be filled at Safeway at one point so we headed to the Dollar Tree and he picked these party hats out for Gavin's birthday. The kids LOVED them...all except Gavin of course. He did not keep his on for long.

Carter sporting his hat.

Jemma in hers.

It's become tradition for the kids to get a toy from the Little People collection on their first birthday...mostly because I LOVE LITTLE PEOPLE! I tried not to go over board this year and snagged this cute little tugboat. :)

Gavin had lots of offers for help from his older siblings.

The paper is so much more fun than the actual present at this age. He would just toss whatever the contents were aside and immediately try to ingest the wrapping.

His cake. He didn't have a say in the appearance of this one...pretty sure he was ok with that.

He didn't actually get the big cake anyway...just a miniature version in cupcake form.

So, until Gavin, our kids have never done the typical "mess making" with their 1st birthday cupcake. I was always so disapointed when they just kind of poked at it and pushed it around their tray, but never really did anything with it, or even really tasted it! So, when Gavin had a hay-day with his, I was utterly pleased! Never have I been SO happy to clean up such a messy baby.

All that cake made his thirsty!



The Hatfields said...

I am SO glad that Gavin devoured his cake :)
And the pictures of both kids birthdays are so cute. You always go above and remind me of my mom in that sense.
Oh, and your crystal cake plate is darling. :)
Hope everyone gets feeling better.

Sharee and Arthur said...

Love those birthday pictures! I'm glad Gavin thoroughly enjoyed his first cupcake. I can't believe we will be doing that next month with Sydney! man, it goes fast, huh?

Sierra said...

I cannot believe how fast time has flown!! I'm so glad Gavin made a royal mess of things for you. I love birthdays, and how fun to have two around the same time! Carter and Gavin both look like they had a wonderful time!

Kristina said...

I love that cake face! And you are a cake pro, by the way. I think we have Doc in the car box in my boys room... you can snatch it for him to complete his collection. I mean, it is what he really wanted! Happy birthday to both cuties!