Sunday, May 8, 2011


I always look forward to this holiday...some of the reasons are obvious. I get a little extra TLC, I'm not expected to cook or do dishes and my husband and children pamper me. The other reasons, I'm sure are felt by many, but often go unexpressed.

I am thankful for this holiday because it gives me an opportunity to re-evaluate myself as a mother.

And frankly, the best way for me to do that it to reflect on my own mom; mother of nine. I remember in Jr. High telling a friend's parent that there were nine children in my family. Yes, nine. Yes, all from one marriage. And no, there are no multiple births. "Is your mother still sane?" was her response. "Of course" was mine.

Only now, as a mother of 3 do I comprehend her questioning of my mother's sanity. ;) And only now, as a parent, do I grasp the magnitude of her sacrifices in baring and raising nine children. It would take someone extraordinary to accomplish such a task. And my mom is just that. Extraordinary.

I have been blessed with three precious children. I have many faults and my children know them well. I also have, however, the example of my mother; someone to follow and emulate.

So, this Mother's Day, I am looking to my own mother, who's courage and love have been an anchor in my life. Thank you Mom!


Sharee and Arthur said...

I couldn't say it better, Jenny! Thanks so much for sharing. I just completely agree with everything from enjoying getting pampered, to thinking about what I can do to be a better mom, to being grateful for our mom. Who really is extraordinary. And your pictures are priceless. I still regret that I don't have a mother/bride picture with mom. (. . . I keep telling myself it's not that important . . . not that important . . . let it go. it's not that important.) Love you, Jen, and thanks again for sharing. Happy belated mother's day.

Justin and Christine said...

Happy Mother's Day. It looks like there are several fun things to do in Portland. We are going to Clackamas May 12-15 and then to Hillsboro May 20-22. Justin has some classes to take and I'm keeping the kids busy. I hear there is a fun Farmer's Market in Hillsboro on Saturdays. Any other fun ideas??