Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Soccer Game

Jemma had her last soccer game about a week and a half ago...I know, I'm just a little behind. (As usual.)

Anyway, it was a perfect day! Sun shining, moderate temperatures...everything Oregon hasn't been lately. Usually, just Brandon or I go (and maybe Carter depending on his mood) because games were always right at dinner time and/or right after teaching piano lessons. But since it was the last game, we all went. Jemma has had a great time playing. She's learned a few things about the sport itself, but mostly just had a great time running around and cheering on her teammates.

This is how most games looked...a mass of children herding around the field with the ball right in the middle. Hilarious.

Gavin enjoying a few orange peels, that's right, peels during the game. Hey, they're chuck full of Vitamin C and they were keeping him happy.
Half-time...for Jemma, not Carter, but apparently, he was exhausted from sitting on the sidelines, eating snacks and watching the game. Jemma looks like she's thoroughly enjoying herself, doesn't she?
Every time Jemma was called back onto the field, she would run right up to her coach and slam him with a huge hug. Yes, we told her not to do it many, MANY times. Some things just don't sink in with this 5 year old.

Water break.

Jem with her medal after the game. She was pretty proud of it; even set it aside for show and tell at preschool. :)

Last goal kick of the season. She always let out a little "HI-YAH!" when she did a corner or goal kick. Must have given her a little extra power behind the kick.

It was fun to try something new this year with Jemma. Maybe we'll do it again next year. :)


Kristina said...

I can just hear her 'hi-yah', what a cutie! I'm glad she had a good season. That's one serious medal!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Jemma is so cute--I wish (as always) that we lived closer to each other so we could come to her game and her hear her "Hi-Yah!" kick. Sydney likes orange peels too. ? I think they're kind of bitter, but hey-whatever.