Saturday, May 14, 2011

Busy Week

It's been a busy week.

Among the usual hustle and bustle of everyday living, we had some FUN additions to our schedule. :)

First, Brandon's grandparents came up from California to visit. They are so kind and come to see us regularly. The kids LOVED having them and were spoiled by all the extra attention. We spent a rather cold, and a little wet, afternoon out at Hagg Lake, but we didn't let the chill dampen our picnic. And, according to tradition, we played 5 crowns every night...Frank was undefeated this trip...we'll have to have rematch next time we get together. ;) Thanks again for coming to see us! We love you guys.

Second, Jemma's preschool held a bicycle parade on Friday. It was so cute. We had so much fun decorating her bike the night before and just as much fun watching her and her classmates ride around and around and around the school parking lot. :)

Jemma had some serious fun out there.

And Carter sported my extra pair of shades while we watched. This boy is hilarious.

Jemma's class after the parade.

Third, Brandon and I went on a date!

That could be a novelty in and of itself...those don't happen often these days. Our friend Megan swapped some babysitting with us and so off we went!

Now, if Brandon were writing this post, he would say something like, "The weather was perfect, it was really fun and we wanted to do something other than go see a movie or go out to dinner, so we checked out the Tree to Tree ropes course up by Hagg Lake."

This was an absolutely adventurous date, but the first half only was fun...for me. Brandon kicked trash out there the whole time. I, on the other hand, am a bit fearful of heights. (That was a huge understatement...I am very fearful of heights. And yes, I knew before we went...and, well, I am the one who came up with the idea...I must be crazy.) I figured if I was strapped in and what not, I would be fine...uh no. It didn't help that I am shorter than short and could barely reach the lines to clip myself too, but half the time, I couldn't even reach what little was out on the obstacle to hang onto. Eesh. Anyway, before you got started, they gave you some briefing on your gear and how to use your lobster clips and zip line clip and told us we could go through the blue and green courses after a quick trial run on a little course that was like 5 feet off the ground. After that, you had to be able to successfully climb and get across the "junkyard" (pictured below) in order to move onto the red and black courses. We did that (Brandon, no problem and speed-demon like. Me, tentatively and with few problems.)

Here I am, smiling, cuz we havn't started. Boy did I feel like a super dork once we got up in the trees and my face was plastered with fear and panic.

Brandon, rockin' his gear.

Part of the blue course behind me.

I know what you're thinkin'...that doesn't look bad, and you're right. This part was really mostly just fun despite the semi-high conditions...if you subtract out the swinging of the logs as you walk across them and having trouble reaching the ropes to help maintain my balance...
Still on the blue course.

Brandon on the "Junkyard" had to be able to climb this to go on the the red and black courses. I actually didn't mind this was the craziness that followed 100+ feet up that left me wIggiN' out!

I was on the other side of this, prepping to zip across. At one point on this course (BLACK...ya, at least I can say "I DID THE BLACK COURSE") all they had was one rope hanging down in between the trees and they wanted you to tarzan it across. I had to have Brandon swing the rope back to me cuz I couldn't reach it. And then after that, there was NO rope and you were supposed to leap from one to tree platform to the next. If I'm honest, just thinking about that part of the course makes me want to poop my pants. I wanted to cry I was so FREAKED OUT! Anyway, on a more positive and less embarrassing note, I am pleased to say I didn't cry or poop. I made it through and am glad I did it. I will NEVER do it again (the Black and Red Courses, that is.) But, I am glad Brandon and I had a chance to go do something more creative and, yes, adventurous. (Love you Brandon! Thanks for your patience with me out there in the trees!)

And Fourth, we celebrated Carter's 3rd Birthday. (Pictures to come.)

Yup. It's been a busy week. :)


Kristina said...

Wow, I'm sure glad you didn't poop your pants! Just 'looking' at that last picture made my stomach queezy, so I don't think I'm cut out for the adventure. But I am so happy you did it and had a great time. You are brave! Fun dates are the best! And I do think it's romantic that Brandon had to rescue you from your trauma.
By the way, Jemma's bike is the cutest! Brandon's grandparents are great! and I can't wait to see pictures of Carter's birthday bash!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Jen! Good job being courageous and trying something new, and adventurous. Even though it was pretty scary, at least your date was way more memorable than going to see a movie or something. Glad you didn't poop your pants. That would have been a really bummer of a thing to do on a date. ;)

Also, Jemma's bike is darling. Love it!

Jen said...

I'm so glad you did this (and posted about it) because I never knew what the Tree to Tree place was. Looks fun...but completely terrifying!