Friday, July 3, 2009

3rd of July

The 3rd of July was the first day we celebrated the 4th...this was the last day all of the siblings that had come out to Mom & Dad's would still be in Cali, so we decided to celebrate a day early. We spent most of the day in the sun, by the pool, eating BBQ chicken and homemade chocolate ice just wouldn't be an Independence Day celebration without that combination! :)
July 3rd Highlights Part I:

Carter chillin' in the crab...this thing was a big hit with him!

Jemma, definitely showing more confidence in the water now that she's had some swimming lessons!

Carter and Dad just dunkin' a few.

Jemma shootin' some hoops with her dad.

Carter, obsessed with this ball. Wait, he's pretty much obsessed with ALL balls!

Check out the physique!

Jemma, getting her homemade icecream from Nona and Papa! (Seriously, I've never had icecream that can compare. It is purely AwEsOmE!)

Jemma with her icecream.

Carter eating his...whatelse, icecream.
PINYATA!!! I loved pinyatas growing up...what kid doesn't? I'm pretty sure there was one (or more) at all the Packard reunions growing up, and I was STOKED to see that my parents were gonna have the same tradition in their family!

Carter was first up...he WAS the youngest of the grandkids...but not anymore! Congrats again Jewels and Eric! We Love You Lilian!

Jemma. She had a pretty good swing. That girl is definitely more athletic than her mother!

Collecting the candy.

Carter even got a little baggie! I had to hide it from him so he wouldn't mawl all the starbursts...wrapper and all!
July 3rd Highlights Part II:
Fireworks...I love to see the HUGE ones go off up in the sky, but I really think that sparklers and the ones you can set off in your own backyard are pretty darn entertaining! I took a few pics of the family doing sparklers with the flash on, and although their faces were a little easier to make out, the ones without the flash were much cooler. Check it out...

Jacob with half a "RING OF FIRE"! (Name the movie.)

Sharee and a CoMpLeTe "RING OF FIRE"! (Name the movie again.)

Brandon and Jemma. :)

Sean and Jacob.
Seriously, those sparklers look AwEsOmE!
The clan gathered on the trampoline to view the FiReWoRk ShOw!
We had a super fun 3rd of July! Family is Fabulous!


Sharee and Arthur said...

The Ring of FIRE! Turn on the ring of fire--the ring of fire! You said you could do it now--THE RING OF FIRE!

Finding Nemo.

I love all those pictures--especially the fireworks ones. They look much cooler than mine!

The Pitts said...

I love the picture of Carter in the crab, SO cute! He is such a little man!!