Thursday, July 16, 2009

Five Wonderful Years

We spent our 5th anniversary watching the 6th Harry Potter..."Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince". AWESOME SHOW! Boy am I lucky to have a husband that will watch Harry if I could only get him to read the books! :)
Anyway, I really have a hard time believing that it's been five years! The time has gone by so quickly! Brandon and I will look back over all that has occurred since our marriage, and we really are awe-struck! Jemma was born in Dec. 2005, I finished school and received my license in dental hygiene in Jan. 2006, Carter was born in May 2008, Brandon received his Bachelors degree in May 2009, we've lived in three different states, (California, Idaho, and Oregon), we've made it through 1 year of Brandon's doctorate degree program/optometry school and the list goes on.
I am so thankful for this guy! He is such a wonderful husband, father and friend. Iam so thankful for our marriage. I am grateful to know that we have been sealed for eternity and that our family can be together forever.

Thanks for all the laughter, the support, understanding, strength and encouragement. I wouldn't want to share my life with anyone else! I'm looking forward to all of the years ahead of us!

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Sharee and Arthur said...

Happy Anniversary, guys! Here's something funny-When I was at Mom & Dad's this past weekend, I was picking something off the floor and noticed some old CHS yearbooks under the dresser. And I started flipping through it to see if I recognized anybody, when lo and behold I saw "Cutest Couple--Brandon Reed and Jennifer Stone" Not very many cutest couples make it after high school, but you guys still ARE the cutest couple!