Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

So, I felt pretty lame, but I left our camera in the car on the 4th of July...we spent the day up in Pinecrest with Brandon's parents, sister Jade, brother-in-law Taylor, nephew Trey and extended family (Uncle Jerry, Aunt Jill, Uncle Steve and kids, Grandpa Vince, Grandma Donna and others). We enjoyed the sunshine at the lake in the morning and headed back to the cabin for the afternoon and evening for a DeLiCiOuS BBQ. Brandon's mom got some cute pics, so if I get a hold of those, I'll post a few.

I really love this holiday. I love this nation. I feel so blessed to live in a land where I am free. We watched the movie "1776" a day or two after the 4th and although it has it's humerous side, it really made me think about all the sacrifice that was involved in making this country independent. I am so thankful to our founding fathers, to those who made profound sacrifices so we could be free.

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