Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nona & Papa's House

The first week-and-a-half of our trip to trip to Cali we spent at my parents house. We planned it so we would be there the same time as two of my other married sisters, Sharee and Natalie, and their families. It seriously just isn't often enough that we all see each other. Jemma and Carter LOVED being there with their cousins. In fact, while we were all together, I pretty much only saw Jemma during meal times! She was TOO busy playing with her cousins (and Uncles I might add...Jacob and Nathan are the BEST!)

Jemma and Carter in the front yard...they really loved pushing and pulling this "Flexible Flyer" around...and going for rides too. :)

Carter havin' a go on the trampoline.

Carter and my mom, affectionately known as "Nona" by her grandchildren. (She served a mission in Italy and Nona is italian for Grandma.)

It was SUPER hot while we were there, as I previously mentioned, so my mom picked up a
slip-n-slide for the grandkids. Jemma mostly just walked down it...Dallin and Daphne were pretty much pros though.

Sean enjoyin' the water.

Daphne, strikin' a pose.

The oldest of the cousins, Dallin.

My mom is really creative...I guess you would have to be after rearing nine children. She had something cool for the grandkids to do pretty much every day. One of the things she had for them to do was make a "chocolate bird nest". We decided that muddy-buddies taste better, but
the bird eggs were pretty darn tasty! (Jelly-bellies:)
The picture above is Dallin and Nathan.

Jemma and Daphne enjoying the finished product.

Sean, Nona, Daphne, Brandon, Jemma, Dallin and Nathan with their finished bird nests.

Jemma and Brandon.

We spent a morning at the park (before the temperature got too high). That's Nathan on an AWESOME swing!

Jemma headed down the slide.

Carter headed down. He decided he likes slides that day. We'd set him at the top and he'd push his way too the edge so he'd slide down.

Nathan, Jacob, Carter, and Jemma swinging, Mom pushing Carter and Brandon in the background.
Nona, Jemma and Nathan feeding the ducks at the park.
Jacob, Jemma, Nona and Nathan.

Carter eating the bread meant for the ducks...classic!

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Sharee and Arthur said...

Love the pictures, Jenny! Mom was so thoughtful to come up with so many fun things for all those cousins to do together! I just love her!