Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nina & Papa's House

We spent the second week and a half of our Cali trip at Brandon's Mom and Dad's house. Our first night there, Jemma and Carter slept 13 hours!!! Jemma's hair that morning was AwEsOmE!!! Now that's volume. :)

We had tons of fun hanging out with the family and finally meeting TREY! I could kick myself for not getting a picture of him to put on here. He is such a CUTE boy and is such a good baby! Jade and Taylor are such lucky parents!

I spent a day in San Francisco with Tina, Jade and family friend Lori Boyle. I rode on BART for the first time...intersting experience...lots of "colorful" folks. We visited the three story Forever 21...LOVE IT, I finally got to try out the Cheesecake Factory...AmAzInG! I am a huge fan of their bread...especially the brown bread (I'm not sure what it's called...) We had tons of fun and came home EXHAUSTED! Thanks Brandon and Ben for watchin' the kids that day.

Brandon spent three days GOLFING with his Unlce Jerry...pretty sweet Bachelors Degree present! San Juan Oaks in Hollister, Oakdale Country Club in Oakdale, and Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach were the courses they played. Pretty sure he hasn't played that much golf, had that much fun, and had such a SwEeT farmers tan in a long time! :)

Jemma and Carter played hard with Nina and Papa's three dogs. In fact, Jemma took like 15 pictures of them...well, she actually only took pictures of two of them...the third, Skeeter, must have been hiding in the bushes.

This one is Maggie...She is super sweet, but poor Carter was a little nervous around her...probably cuz she's taller than he is!

This one is Ace...cute little weenie dog. (She actually belongs to Jade.)

And the third is Skeeter...Like I said, Jemma didn't take a picture of him... But she did take several of Lori Boyle's brand new chiwawa...I snapped the two below.

Jemma wanted to name her Lilian...hmmm that must be because her Aunt Jewel had a baby girl just a few days before and named her Lilian. :)

Jemma also made jewelry with Nina and a ladybug rock with Papa.

Carter spent A LOT of time playing with balls...Nina and Papa picked up a few bouncy balls for him to throw around, but that didn't mean we didn't spend some time keeping him out of all their decorative balls and anything else similarly shaped for that matter. (We're still sorry about the badly bruised apples and Ace's broken doggy dish.) We always love coming to see you guys.

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING.


The Pitts said...

Jemma's hair IS awesome! And as for Forever 21, I was recently introduced to that store (Sierra) and it is super cute! We are going to San Fransisco too in August! It looks like you guys had a great time, but we are glad you're back!

Mason & Laura said...

That hair. is. awesome. and so if her facial expression. I'm glad you had so much fun in Sunny California! It's finally feeling like Summer here!! What a fun trip to get to see so much family & friends!