Sunday, April 22, 2012

LeAnn and James

 I am no photographer.  I love taking pictures, especially of my own children, but I have ZERO training.  (I should probably take a class someday because NOT knowing what I'm doing is frustrating!)
On that note, I really don't get asked to take pictures for other people, at least not IMPORTANT pictures, until a few months ago when my sister Melanie called and said she'd offered to have me photograph her best friend's wedding.  WHAT!?!?  Sure!  Sounds fun!  And after talking to LeAnn - the bride to be - I felt better about it.  I emphasized my lack of training, but she insisted she was ok with that.  I told her not to feel bad if she changed her mind and decided to get a professional - four days before the wedding, she called to confirm that we were still on.  So, I showed up at the temple with my little camera bag and was instantly nervous when I saw all the other photographers with their massive stash of photography supplies.  My camera looked so teeny and my supplies were limited/simple to say the least.  But I put on a brave face and did my best.  :)
Here are some of my favorites of this DARLING couple, LeAnn & James. 

                 Beautiful Bride.            Handsome Groom.
I LOVED those little mason jar lanterns.  They had them hanging EVERYWHERE at the reception.  All the little details were just so darling.  I LOVED it all.

 LeAnn's dress was gorgeous and reminded me of the Jane Austin era - the above photo could totally be Emma and Mr. Knightly, or Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy...(minus the glasses)...don't cha think?  ;)

 1,236 photos later, my sister Melanie and her husband Jade convinced me it was ok to go home.  That "what if I missed something" just kept nagging at me.  (It still is actually.) 
My hat goes off to professional photographers.  It was hard work!  I was completely exhausted by the end of the day and could barely move this morning when my boys came in at 8:00am (that's sleeping in for the three of us) to wake me up!  Eesh.  Not to mention the stress!  This is a one time gig!  Especially if it's a wedding for crying out loud.  If I missed something, there's no rescheduling.  But anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now.
Thanks LeAnn and James for trusting me with such an important task.  I sincerely hope the photos reflect the beauty of that day!  You two are such a well-matched, darling, fabulous couple.  And it was fun playing photographer.  :)


Sharee and Arthur said...

Jen!!! You did great--wow, I would be so completely nervous about that too. But seriously, great job. And they look so happy!

Eric and Jewels said...

You did AWESOME Jen!! Those pictures look real good and LeAnn was such a beatiful bride! Way to go on being brave sharing your skills! Love you lots!

Melanie said...

Jen you did fantastic with the equipment you had! You ROCK!! Love you, and I'm glad you we got to hang out!

Kristina said...

You are a photographer... and you just proved it! Nicely done. I would hire you. You have a keen eye for details that I like. Practice makes perfect, right? Even if the practice can make you nervous. A wedding is a big deal. You're awesome for taking in on!