Saturday, April 14, 2012

Coloring Eggs

A few days before Easter, we dyed eggs...tradition of course. I really love coloring eggs, I just wish you didn't have to hard boil them for two reasons: 1st, it stinks up my house & fridge for what feels like days and 2nd, we don't eat them...there goes at least 18 eggs. :( Anyway, the kids LOVE it and so do I, so we do it anyway. :)

We made sure we did this while Gavin was napping. I cannot even imagine the mess we would have encountered had he been awake and involved. I'm feeling anxious just imagining.

We really didn't get that creative this time around...we made our own dye with hot water, vinegar and food coloring - the colors are always more vibrant that way - and used some rubber bands to create stripes.
Carter had bright orange fingers by the time we were done...he kept forgetting to use the spoon to get the eggs out of the dye, and there you go.

We managed to get through the whole thing with only one casualty! Pretty impressive, huh.

Love all those colors! And that's why, despite the stink and waste, we keep dying eggs. :)


Kristina said...

Your on a blogging frenzy!! I can't keep up. Yeah for Easter, and yeah for dying eggs (although we don't do that tradition.... we're Easter Scrooges) They turned out vibrant and cheerful, I love 'em.

Sierra said...

I just came across the vinegar & food coloring way of dying eggs this year, and I don't think i'm gonna ever get a packet again! :) I grew up with the packets, so it may seem strange that I've never done it that way. If you want some good hard boiled egg-included recipes for next year, I've got three...they're delish. Just let me know. Loves!