Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter 2012

Was this really two weeks ago!? My how time flies.

Our Easter festivities lasted like a whole week (or so it seemed...with all the Easter crafts, sugar cookie decorating, egg hunts, etc.) This post is just about the stuff that, truly, has nothing to do with the true meaning of Easter; you know, all the goodies collected at the grandparents' homes and such. :)
We celebrated Easter with my parents on Saturday and somehow, that sneaky Easter Bunny came and hid eggs outside while we were eating dinner! How did he do that? Especially without the kids noticing out the kitchen window? We were impressed. It wasn't until we had finished eating that Gavin glanced outside and notice little colored "balls" (as he deemed them at the time) all over the yard.

They all ended up with tons of eggs which = TONS of candy. In fact, I think it was just yesterday that they finally polished off the last of it! And, for the first time ever, I did not police their intake of said candy. Shocker. I know.

Sunday, they all dawned new Sunday attire. This year, I kept things pretty simple and only sewed Jemma's dress and made her hair bow. I know. I didn't even make the boys ties. I had originally planned to, but life just got busy and I barely finished Jem's dress. Carter told me that morning after getting dressed, "thank you Mom for the new vest and pants that the store made!". Made me laugh.

After returning from church, the kids found goodie bags from Granddad and Grandma Reed on the porch along with baskets from G.Grandma Jean! Spa-oiled.

And then we were off to Brandon's parents' for our 2nd Easter Feast, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, egg hunts (for kids and adults ;)) and more outdoor fun.

Papa Ben manning the grill.

Gavin and cousin Trey driving the tractor.

The boys enjoying their dinner.

Aunt Jade and Uncle Taylor.

Jemma and G. Grandpa Ron.

The egg hunt. The kids got money in these eggs. They were all so thrilled about that and talked me into taking them to the store the following morning to each buy a new toy with their bags of coins. (I think the cashier may have been a little irritated, but I wanted them to be able to use their own money...even though they all needed to be supplimented by Mom and Dad ;).)

And, a shot of all the grandkids...they were good sports about staring into the sun. :/ Poor kids.

We sure had a wonderful couple of days celebrating Easter!

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Kristina said...

Jemma's dress is so pretty, especially on her. You did a great job on it. We had twinner Easter banners :-) Why is it we are we always doing the same craft? Probably because we're both so awesome! Looks like your kids had a very enjoyable Easter.