Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Childrens Choir

One of Jemma's (and my) favorite things about Hickman Charter has been the choir class. Brad Thompson taught the class. I got to work with him in performance settings during my childhood-teenage years and he is INCREDIBLE. True to Brad fashion, this was no typical choir class. He taught these kindergartners to read music and use Italian musical terms in a fun, engaging atmosphere. He's punctual and detail oriented, but knows how to be flexible and turn almost any circumstance into a learning opportunity.

March 20th was the day of her last class and Spring performance. Sad. Especially since we will not be here next year to participate. :( Anyway, here are some pictures from that night and even a quick video of Jemma's performance.

Typical Jemma...trying to get a picture of her looking at the camera is almost impossible. She is so easily distracted! Thank goodness for SLRs or I never would have captured the picture on the right. ;)

Jemma and some of her class.

Jemma and her buddy Elise. They were also in a science class together and became good friends. Their personalities were SO similar.

Jemma and I have been thoroughly enjoying the hair ideas on pinterest lately and she requested I do a side fishtail with her hair that night. A little time consuming for one who is not very good at the fishtail, but it turned out pretty cute...I think I need to add less hair at a time next time...it kinda looks like a regular french braid...whatever. It's just hair, right.

It was fun to watch Jemma's class each week, so I'm glad we got this on video so we can remember how cute it was in the future.



Kristina said...

What a beautiful girl, with a beautiful voice, and such beautiful hair (thanks to mom)! That choir class looks like such a blast. I enjoyed the video! I know it's sad you wont be able to participate next year... but you've got the talent to start your own kids choir, jen! do it!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Her hair looks darling, and I'm glad she had such a great time in the children's choir. I can't view the video for some reason--maybe I'll see if I can view it on Arthur's computer. I'm sure it's darling!

Melanie said...

That hair style is so cute! Jemma is lucky to have such a talented mom!

Eric and Jewels said...

Jemma is a doll and I agree with mel she's lucky to have such a talented mom who can do such awesome hair do's poor lily got me who can barely pull off a pony tail ;) love you lots! Oh i couldn't view the video either I'll try again later.