Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

My sister, Melanie was in town for less than 48 hours for her best friend's wedding last weekend and despite her serious lack of time, she agreed to take our family pictures , since using a tripod and taking them ourselves was a complete failure.  I still wanted the same color scheme we had when we went to Daffodil Hill, but the temperatures had jumped 20 degrees, so everyone got new tops.  Bummer.  ;)
She did a GREAT job (as usual) despite the lack of cooperation from our children.  I should rephrase...our kids were very cooperative (for children) and it wasn't until I asked the unthinkable - that we try a couple more shots on the grass - that Jemma and Carter had a complete melt down.  Even bribery didn't work at that point.  I suppose it was a serious plus that Melanie had already taken SUPER shots, and it turned out we didn't need anymore after all.  :)
Jemma still doesn't look at the camera and Gavin has recently discovered how fun it is to stick his tongue out...albeit, I still LOVE this's real.

Brandon and I are in agreement that these are possibly the best two pictures we have of just the two of us.  EVER.  Well done Melanie!
Love this one of our whole family.  The trees in the orchard make such a cool backdrop!

The boys took their best pictures on Papa Ben's tractor.  Surprise, huh.

Jemma looked at the camera!!!  (she totally earned gummy bears for that one.) ;)


 Maggie wanted a little attention while we were there, and Jade, Melanie's husband, did a great job of keeping her and Ace (the wiener dog) occupied, so they really didn't get in the way that often...I just had to include these pics cuz Carter looks terrified, and yet he begs me to get a dog constantly!

The bribery.  :)
Thanks again Melanie and Jade for helping us get some fabulous, current family photos!  You guys are the BEST-EST.


Melanie said...

That was so much fun! Thanks for letting me take your family pictures! You guys are one HOT family!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Jenny (and Melanie) they turned out great! And I agree--I love the ones of you and Brandon together. Hurray for family pictures!

Kristina said...

Your family is gorgeous. These pictures are so beautiful, I love them all. I really like the picture on the left of you and Brandon. But Jen, I really like your closed-mouth smile, a lot! Jefferson couldn't tell your boys apart in your vertical family shot. Gavin is getting so big! Your sister did a fantastic job. Miss you.

Dias Family said...

Love you family pictures. We are back to Brazil for good. Caem visit us any time