Friday, April 13, 2012


Somewhere in the last two crazy weeks I had a birthday. It was the day after General Conference and the Monday before Easter, so it's no wonder my memory of it is already fuzzy!

Brandon was gone all day working and showed up just in time for cake and ice cream, so he spoiled me the weekend before by changing all the poopy diapers, sending me off on my own after the General Conference sessions on Saturday (I did have to be back in time for him to attend the Priesthood session, but 2 hours by myself is pretty awesome these days.), and from what I recall he did the dishes. Thanks honey. :)

The day of, Mom insisted on cooking whatever I wanted for dinner and eating at her house so there wasn't any work/mess/etc. at mine. I requested her AMAZING green sauce chicken enchiladas (sauce made from scratch...NOTHING compares. They are incredible.), Spanish rice (again, from scratch) and a fruit salad. Desert was chocolate cheesecake and Death by Chocolate ice cream. Yum. It was all DIVINE. Thanks for spoiling me this year.

There's our tasty desert.
Here I am with Gavin just after blowin' out my candles. Do I look older? I don't feel older. Anyway, Brandon showed up with a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers. His parents just bought a flower shop and he stopped by on his way home to a. support the new family business and b. to bring his wife (who ADORES fresh flowers) an impromptu gift. I loved them!

And this is what this last year has felt like. BLURRRRR.

Thanks to all of you for the texts, phone calls, emails, cards, "Happy Birthday" serenades, etc. I felt really loved!


Sharee and Arthur said...

Glad you got a delicious dinner on your birthday! We love you!

Sierra said...

Glad you had such a great day!! Happy Birthday! (I hear ya on the blur thing) Loves!

Kristina said...

Happy Birthday! You are beautiful, even when you're blurry. I'm glad you got a relaxing 29th.