Sunday, June 5, 2011


I don't post a whole lot of my sewing projects on this blog, but this baby merited a post. I have wanted to make a quilt for the spare bed in Gavin's room ever since I finished my 1st quilt...and ever since I found out I had a boy! (The room was supposed to be unisex, but clearly it was more girl than intuition was way off.)

Moving on.

The size of a quilt for a twin bed just sounded HUGE. And frankly, it was more the actual quilting of the thing rather than the piecing (which by the way took FOREVER) that had me scared...I was pretty sure, my poor machine couldn't hack it. But somehow, me and my babylock pulled it off. (those of you in and out of the sewing world alike are probably asking, what in the world is a babylock? it's my machine...ya, i'd never heard of that brand either...but i had a babylock it was.)

Enough rambling. My amazing friend Alison shared her quilt patterns with me and I decided to use her skipping squares pattern. (She's pretty amazing by the way.) I just added an extra row to the top and sides and a border around all the edges to get a bigger size.

Getting ready to baste this bad boy.

There's my know, for all the mocking and poking fun I do at my poor machine (and the crazy loud racket it produces when I sew...sorry Skinner family! I guess it's a good thing you were gone when I was quilting this guy) I really do love and appreciate it. I have put it through sewing boot-camp in a way and, despite the fact that I have never had it serviced (THAT IS TERRIBLE! I KNOW!) it is yet to give me a problem. Thanks Babylock!

Here's my other helper...this boy is a crazy good climber! Bad. Very bad.

Finished and on the bed.

I had to wait to get a picture of it being held up because I wasn't tall enough. Brandon, who is 6' 1" is holding this high above his head and it's still touching the ground and he has it a bit folded at the top...(and honestly, I don't think I made it quite long enough...I am very happy with the width, but if I did it over...which I'm not...I would have one more row of squares across the bottom...oh well. I'll keep that in mind when I make one for me and Brandon's Queen...) :)

Anyway, here's to my biggest quilt ever. (so far)


Sharee and Arthur said...

Wahoo, Jen! It looks GREAT! See, if I lived by you, I might get my courage up to try something like that. I'm not brave enough to do it by myself. You are awesome!

Kristina said...

That turned out amazing! I love it. I'm curious whether you pieced the back or just used the sheet as it was? The colors are so fun to look at. By the way, I like your sewing machine, and I miss that racket through the wall!! I'm sure that took a while to stipple, but it was worth it. I can't wait to see your queen size :-)

Sierra said...

Very pretty!!

Jay and Allison Harris said...

Your a brave girl Jen! I love turned out so good. I always get nervous quilting the big i'm starting to get lazy and hire it out. :) Hope you guys are doing good! -Al