Monday, June 27, 2011

Swimming Lessons

The last 2 weeks, Jemma and Carter had swimming lessons. Every. Day. Which, I actually like...better than stretching it out for 5 weeks. Anyway, this was Jem's 3rd round of swimming lessons. She LOVES it and is a total fish...she's getting much better and even mastered the floating this time around. We'll have to keep up the practicing so she can just get a little more confident on her strokes. Every time the teacher would let go of her, she would get really worried, quit swimming altogether and start to sink...not good. But she'll get there.

This was Carter's first the pool that swimming lessons.

He has been many-a-time to watch Jem. He has always been wary around water...he slipped one time in the tub and ever since has been SO FREAKED OUT to have his face in the water.

Despite that, he seemed ok with the idea of swimming lessons. I think it was mostly because it's something Jemma has done - he wants to be just like her - only a boy version. Anyway, he seemed fine, which SHOCKED me, right up until they got in the water. Then, he was clinging to the edge of the pool, sobbing.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to just sit and watch. His teacher was so awesome with him though...she carried him around on her back for almost the whole first lesson while she worked with the other kids, just so he'd feel safe. Then, she showed him that when he's next to the wall, his feet can touch the bottom!!! That was literally the turning point. The crying ceased and he was a changed little man in the pool.

He did great and he's even doing a full on "big jump" (as he calls it) off the edge of the pool now so his head submerges and EVERYTHING!

And as for Gavin, he barely survived swimming lessons...he did a whole lot of this:

accompanied by intermittent yelling and screaming...poor third child.

But, yahoo for swimming lessons and progress and

especially that they're over. :)


Sharee and Arthur said...

Hurray! I'm so glad Carter got over his fear of the water. And good job to Gavin hanging out in his stroller. That's a tough age to sit and watch swimming lessons.

Kristina said...

Oh they look so cute in the water! I can imagine how hard that would be to watch Carter so upset... but thank goodness he had such a great teacher. Have you guys blown up your big yard pool? My boys asked if we could swim in it today.

The Hatfields said...

I always feel that way with swim lessons..they are a huge sacrifice. So much work, but so worth it.
The kids look so cute in that huge pool...I can't wait to see their skills in the little kiddie pool at the tot lot!

Mitch n' Molly said...

I am so happy for Carter! What a confidence boost for him! And so glad that Jemma is having fun too!