Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Still Prego...

What an emotional roller coaster I've been on the last few days!!!
"You're scheduled to be induced May 18th...never mind. We have an emergency C-section we have to do instead...wait, we could squeeze you in in the afternoon...oh, your Dr. said Thursday? That would be so much better...let's plan on that...go to Dr.'s Appointment on the 18th instead of to the hospital for induction...You decided to wait until Thursday then?..we brought someone else in today for an induction cuz the nursing staff said you wanted to wait...I'm happy to still induce you this evening. Let's strip your membranes, I'll talk to the hospital and we'll call phone call...meanwhile, contractions start...I call the hospital...We're full. I thought you didn't want to come in today. If you're water breaks or you go into labor, come on it"...(duh!!)...contractions taper off...

If nothing else, this gives me a chance to catch up on some blogging I meant to do DAYS ago.

Many months ago, two good friends, Molly & Kristina, approached me about throwing a baby shower...there are like a GAZILLION women pregnant in the ward and this is my THIRD baby. I felt a little glutenous, but they, being the WONDERFUL friends that they are insisted and came up with the idea of a Diaper Shower. BRILLIANT!! I didn't feel as bad about that. So, last week, they threw me the most ADORABLE shower. They are so crafty and clever it BLOWS MY MIND! They made the tiered food trays out of platters and candle sticks, an adorable diaper cake (now in the "nursery") and those super cute hanging balls (not sure what to call them) out of tissue paper (now hanging in Jemma and Carter's room over their little table and chairs).

There were so many good friends who took the time to attend, even though there had been like 3 other showers within like a week.


Me with Kristina (left) and Molly (right). I LOVE YOU GIRLS!

Their adorable spread...It has Martha Stewart written all over it!

All the diapers are stashed away every nook and cranny known to man! I seriously think I received enough diapers and wipes to keep me goin' for six months. I'm NOT kidding.
What a HUGE blessing.
Thanks again Molly and Kristina for making me feel special and taking the time to help me celebrate this new little one!

Here's a close up of that diaper cake...SO's on the dresser in the nursery now...which is a perfect transition into my next blog post...

"The Nursery"

I had NEVER intended to redo anything in the room the baby would be moving into (once it's out of me and Brandon's room)...but somehow, I ended up finishing all my projects and felt up to the, the crib was the first thing to get a make-over.

I decided that the bumper needed re-doing...Carter had really done a number on the one I made for, trying to keep it simple, I just used white fabric and appliqued branches, leaves and one bird onto it. Then came the sheets. Molly (ya, that crafting genius) taught me to make my own sheets, so I made a with white polka-dots and tan with white polka-dots. But I couldn't stop there. It needed a new bed skirt too, so off came the old one, and I decided I just wanted a clean, white ruffle skirt this time around.

Then, after seeing my bumper, Kristina (the other craft genius) told me she had the perfect mobile for me to make...Is that not ADORABLE! She directed me to a free online pattern to make the birds and then told me how to attach the birds to the sticks and the sticks all together with fishing line. LOVE IT!

There's a view of the nursery from the's a little tricky getting a decent shot through there into such a little room. But anyway, there you go!

(, if nothing else, still being pregnant allowed me to do a little catching up on my blogging...)


Sharee and Arthur said...

Man, that totally stinks. Mom told me the induction was postponed, which I guessed after yesterday passed and we hadn't heard anything. I've been refraining from calling you because I thought maybe it would be salt in the wound for you to have to explain everything . . . what a nightmare! I can't believe all the miscommunications going on there! But your shower looked great. I'm so glad you have lots of diapers--what a great idea! And I can't believe your nursery--it looks DARLING! that mobile is amazing and I can't believe you are all caught up on your projects! My goal for this year was to just finish old projects that I have laying around. I scheduled it out by the month, and I have made some progress, but am NOWHERE near finishing anytime soon. So, I am extremely impressed. It all looks darling. Good job, Jenny!

Sierra said...

Bummer! I love all the cute projects, though!

Jen said...

I have been wating to hear what's going on with Baby Reed! Hopefully something will happen soon :) and I love the new crib stuff! So dang cute! I need you, Molly, and Kristina to come decorate my nursery...or at least give me some ideas! And I must learn how to make my own sheets. :-)

Kristina said...

I won't say "congratulations" in this comment because you haven't officially blogged about the news... but opps, I just did. You were on an emotional roller coaster there for a while, man! That's a lot to deal with in 2 days. I want to point out that EVERY baby deserves a shower because they all need to be celebrated, so don't feel bad for a second. You got an awesome loot of diapers! Also, YOU, are the craft genius.... you amaze me every time I see one of your finished projects. I can't get over those appliques on the bumper, they're beautiful! You are so talented. The entire nursery is beautiful, and so peaceful. I wish it were my room, no joke! I think i said the same thing about Jemma and Carters room. It's true though, you have a serious skill for decorating!

Brian, Natalie, Kyrie said...

okay, you are the most amazing person ever!! I cannot believe how adorable all those things are. I have serious envy of your talents. I cannot get over how amazingly talented you are!! Not even joking!! I will pay you to do my next nursery. Serious money!!! I love you and congrats on you new little boy!! Gavin! Love you and am continually amazed with all your creations!