Thursday, December 3, 2009

Out-of-this-World Pizza

Right after our zoo excursion, we headed straight for Out-of-this-World Pizza! We were all super hungry, but Jemma and Carter didn't eat much cuz they were totally distracted by all the AwEsOmE stuff to do! Aunt Heather was totally awesome and played hard with both the kiddos. Here are a few shots from the afternoon.
Heather and Carter on the scooters/bikes. (I totally couldn't get these things to go for me and Carter...Heather was a pro!)
Jemma and Heather racin' around the track.
Heather and Jemma at the top of a three story slide!
Carter, haulin' off a slide that was just his size. :) Pretty sure he went down it 10 times.

Me and Carter comin' down the big air slide. Carter hated getting through the maze (I think it made him a bit nervous), but LOVED comin' down the slide...

That's why he did it with Daddy too! :)

Thanks again, Granddad and Grandma for such a fun weekend!!! We loved having you and can't wait to visit after Christmas!


Sharee and Arthur said...

fun pictures, Jen. :) love ya.

Eric & Jewels said...

That three story high slide looks like fun! That pizza place looks pretty fun hopefully the pizza was good too :)