Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Birthday Festivities

Every year since Jemma was born, we celebrate both Brandon and Jemma's birthday on the 15th of December...Jemma's birthday. This year, however, I decided that in addition to our family festivities, I was going to pursue the unthinkable...a surprise party at Christmas time during finals...Thankfully it all turned out...
FaMiLy CeLeBrAtIoN:
Brandon chose the cake...an Icecream Cake...and Jemma got the #4 on top. :)

SuPrIsE PaRtY!

I was quite pleased with my birthday sign... I didn't by ONE thing for it...just used a bunch of scraps and some heat 'n bond I had on hand!
Jemma and Brandon when they walked in the door...Jemma was aparently saved from a timeout...she was throwing and little tantrum over having to leave her friend's home, but once they walked through the door to a house full (40+) the tears dried up. :)
Carter having a go at the indoor pinyatta...that was a bit intense...we thought for sure someone was gonna get nailed!
Jemma and friends after the pinyatta with their candy necklaces.
Brandon blowin' out his 27 candles!!!
Jemma blowin' out the candles on her Bubblegum Princess cake. :)
Happy Birthday you two! We sure love you!

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Sharee and Arthur said...

Wow, good job on the surprise! Your cakes look amazing, and I cannot believe your Happy Birthday sign. You are so creative and resourceful. I'm so impressed. :) Happy Birthday Brandon & Jemma!

p.s. Brandon, I still have your hot pockets in my freezer. After watching the hot pocket comedy, I can't bring myself to eat them. Shall I mail them to you? ;)