Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas in full Swing

So, we decorated our house and tree...before Thanksgiving...we just couldn't resist. :) I'm just now posting some of the pics from our FHE Christmas Tree decorating. We didn't get a real tree this year...just pulled out the little 6 foot alpine...with the amount of time we'll be gone, we figured it just wouldn't be worth it...I sure miss the smell of pine this year. Anyway, the kids were SOOOO excited (especially Jemma. Carter just liked the "balls", but Jemma understood the concept of keeping the ornaments on the tree this year.)

Here are just a few shots...Carter admiring Dad's juggling skills.
Jemma meticulously placing ornaments on the tree.

Another shot of Jemma and the tree.

Carter and his cheesy grin :) This boy is always taking the jingle bells and glass balls off the tree and chucking them down the's a wonder he hasn't broken any yet!

Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas Season as much as we are!


Sharee and Arthur said...

I love your 6 foot alpine. It's very cute! We finally decorated our tree this week, and put up the rest of our decorations. I love Christmas time!

The Pitts said...

I love your tree. It is so cute. Of course everything in your house is so cute! Merry Christmas!!