Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Brandon!

I just thought I would highlight the patriarch of our home...since it is his 27th birthday this 24th day of December and all...We sure are grateful that Brandon Michael came into this world and that he is the head of our home. Happy Birthday love! you all know where our children get their rolls...what a chunk!!!

I'd say Jemma got his jaw too...

This is about the stage we you all know why I fell for him and stayed stuck...studly! :)

Golf in highschool...he still loves the game...just doesn't get to play as much.

High School Graduate. :)

Missionary in good ol' Brazil.

About a month and a half after he got home...taking engagement pics with ME!!! ;)

Dad of one...and lovin' it!

Dad of two and rockin' fatherhood.

Still hittin' the books hard in his 2nd year of Optometry School...

We sure are glad you're in our lives, Brandon. Thanks for being such a hard worker, a patient father and a loving husband. We hope you have a WonDerFul birthday and know how much we love you!!!


The Dixon Gang said...

Happy Birthday Brandon! And oh my gosh, Carter looks just like his dad!!!

Sara said...

Happy birthday Brandon!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Happy Birthday, Brandon! Glad we got to celebrate with you this year!