Friday, May 22, 2009

The Rest of the Pics...

So, I said I'd get the rest of these pictures up here from the zoo and Brandon's parents coming to visit, so here they are!

Brandon, Jemma and Papa checkin' out one of the black bears.

Papa and Jemma.

The girraffe :)

Nina and Carter...I noticed, he's not smiling in most (if not all the pictures) he really is a happy boy...just not a performer for the camera I guess...

Ben & Tina a.k.a. Mom & Dad or Nina and Papa :)

Thanks again for coming up to Oregon! We loved having you two!

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Sharee and Arthur said...

Cute pics. I was noticing how much GREENER your zoo is than ours. I noticed it the most in the Giraffe's habitat. It is just very apparent that your Giraffe lives in lush oregon, and our giraffes live in a desert. Guess that's what I trade for so many sunny days!