Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy FIRST Birthday Carter!

Carter turned ONE YEAR OLD on May 14th.

It is INSANE how quickly time goes by. I seriously feel like he was a brand new baby just a month or two ago.

We feel so blessed to have this little guy in our family. He is ALL BOY and very nicely balances out the girly stuff in the family.

His favorite toy is...a ball. (The rubber bouncy ones are best if he's playing in the kitchen, otherwise any ball will do. He LOVES to kick and throw them around.)

His favorite foods are "ba-na-na-na-nas", dried mangoes, string cheese, grapes, ham, chicken, beans (like kidney, pinto, etc. kinda beans) yogurt and eggo waffles.

He can say "bye-bye", "baba", "dada", "ball" (he pronounces it "baw"), "mama", "papa" (just learned that one a day or two ago when Brandon's parents were here visiting) and "uh-oh" (pronounced uh-uh, but with the right intonations).

He is just like Jemma with the walking thing...he is totally capable, but not quite ready to take off...although, he did take a few steps on his birthday and today!

Anyway, here's a little video of his birthday festivities. :) It''s a little uneventful...we missed his afternoon nap cuz we went to the zoo, so he's a little on the tired side I think. It's like 3.5 minutes long...we were SHOCKED that he didn't eat/mawl his cupcake...we may never have a child that does the whole "mash the cake up and make a HUGE mess" thing on their birthday.

We sure love this little guy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARTER!


Jen said...

Looks like he got some fun stuff! I think that kids will eat/destroy/smear cake all over the place any other time except for the time that you actually want them to do it :)

Sharee and Arthur said...

I cannot believe he didn't even put his finger in his mouth to see what it tasted like! Wow! We got a kick out of watching him slap his frosting and play with his cupcake like a ball. Next time, you guys should send his birthday cake to us, and we'll eat it! Happy Birthday, Carter!!!! love the Garietys