Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nina & Papa came to town!

We have been so blessed to have family that makes time to come and visit regardless of where we are living. Brandon's parents were here last week and we LOVED having them! Thanks Ben for all the BBQing and for building our new 6ft. shelf! You're aMaZiNg! Thanks Tina for laying down with Jemma at bedtime, for lending your camera for the filming of Carter's birthday and Jemma's "performance" (I'll be posting that soon :), and for teaching Carter to say "Papa". You are both so patient and loving with our children and they love you back!
The weather was, hmmm, typical for Oregon...rainy and overcast for the most part. But Thursday it cleared up nicely, so we headed to the Portland Zoo! (A perfect activity for Carter's First Birthday!)
Here are a few of the pictures from our zoo excursion:
Nina and Papa with Jemma and Carter

Jemma trying to get a better look at the ducks.

Brandon and his "Mama".

Carter, a perfect ANGEL the whole time I might add, in his beloved stroller.

Our little family.

We got a really good look at the black bears while we were there and even got a shot of it with the camera, but for some reason, blogger isn't letting me upload any more photos...I'll try again later...the orangutans were pretty lively too...we got to see the little baby elephant (sleeping, but still cute! He's TEN MONTHS OLD now!) In fact, a lot of the animals were sleeping...the polar bears (our family's favorite!), the tigers (what's new), the giraffe was up though! He's HUGE! (Again, in my file of photos not yet uploaded...)

Anyway, we had a FABULOUS time with Brandon's parents. Thanks guys for driving up here to hang out with us! We loved having you!


trish said...

Happy birthday to your cute little carter. How fun the grandparents could come in town for he BIG DAY.

Mason & Laura said...

He is too cute! How fun to have the grandparents come to visit on his birthday! I love what a good helper Jemma is with opening presents :) and get outta town with that ADORABLE dress you made!! I want one for Gwenn!!! (p.s. we're in oregon, can't wait to meet up!)

Sharee and Arthur said...

That's a darling family picture of you guys. How fun to have family come visit! Love you guys!

Brian, Natalie, Kyrie said...

so cute! I agree with Sharee, super cute family photo!