Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quotes from August, September & October

Don't worry. This post is not insanely long...I have been horrible at jotting down the stuff these kids have been saying since the day we left Oregon. Pitiful. But, alas, it has been three months, and I ought to have a few things around here to share. Here goes.

(Note, this conversation took place before we moved to Cali.)
Jemma: Three more days and we're driving to California!"
Carter: That's going to take too long, and that's why we would should ride on a airplane.

Jemma: I miss our old couch. It was smooshy and great!

Carter: I don't like gilled geeze (grilled cheese). NEVER make this again!

Jemma: I was born in California. You (referring to Carter) were born in Mexico.
Me: No, Carter was born in Idaho.
Jemma: Oh, Idaho.
Carter. I don't wanna be born in Idaho. I'm gonna be born in California.

Carter: Why I always a kid? I wanna be a mom!

(Again, before we left Oregon...our little friend and neighbor had the flu.)
Jemma: Poor Sophie! She has a bug goin' around her that's making her so sick!

Carter: When I was a little baby, I weared all of Gavin's clothes.

The other night I was getting the boys into the bath and our tub and toilet sit next to each other so I was kneeling next to the portion of the tub that was in front of the toilet. I asked Carter if he needed to go potty before he got into the bath to which he responded, "Yes, but your BUM is in the way!"

Carter: I'm tired of you working on this computer and I need you to make dinner NOW!

Carter wanted to get down from the dinner table the other night, but I told him he couldn't yet because he hadn't touched his vegetables. He promptly stuck his index finger in his corn and said, "Yes I did". Smarty pants.

Carter has been pretty proud of his ability to stand up and urinate these days. (Joy.) So proud in fact, that he had a conversation with Brandon the other day that went something like this:
Carter: I learned to go wet standing up!
Brandon: That's great!
Carter: I think I'm going to learn to go poo-poo standing up now. Do you know how to stand up and go poo-poos?
Brandon: No I don't.
Carter: You sit down to go poo-poo?
Brandon: Yes.
Carter: Oh.
He hasn't tried doin' it yet, so hopefully his little mind grasps the concept that we DO NOT stand when defecating.


Sharee and Arthur said...

Ha! I touched my vegetables! I'm so glad you wrote some of these down. I am laughing and can't wait to read these to the kids tomorrow. They will love them. I really hope Carter doesn't try pooping standing up. :)

Sharee and Arthur said...

Okay, Jen, I just read these to my kids, and every single quote was received with lots of laughing, each one louder than the previous. They want me to read them all again. :) Dallin said they are awesome and hilarious!

Mitch n' Molly said...

Are you kidding me! Those little comments are priceless! I was laughing outloud by the end!
Give your babies a big squeeze from me...