Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Apple Farm

As many of you know, I have become a Home school Mama. It's been a bitter sweet road, to be sure. Thankfully, however, I have quite the support system of family members and other unsung angles who keep boosting my self confidence and reassuring me that it is possible for me to do this and maintain my sanity and the love of my children. Enough of that though. I could spend an entire post just gushing over the ups and downs of home school...but I won't. Instead, I'll tell you of the GENUIS idea my mother had to take the kids to an Apple Farm for a field trip. :)

We've actually been studying's been a very fun theme and a nice creative outlet for my sanity in this craze I call "home school". So going to an Apple Farm was PERFECT. We packed a picnic lunch, loaded the kids up and headed off to Cover's Apple Ranch.

Carter in front of a killer truck. Wouldn't look at me. (Surprise.)

Jemma and the ducks.

Gavin and the goats. He was totally amazed by these guys, but refused to get any closer to the fence.

The three chillin' on the haystacks.

Cool windmill...I think I want one in front of my house someday...reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.

Carter pushing Gavin in the swing. Carter was totally making Gavin know the kind that jiggles their whole belly? PRECIOUS!

I have high hopes that one day, these two will be inseparable.

Jemma in the funky, fun play structure...see her in the window?

The 4 of us with the apple. (Mom & I agreed that it needs a new paint job.) I LOVE Carter's face right here...but mostly because I know why he's smiling so big. He was refusing to be in the picture cuz all he wanted to do was ride the train, so we told him that if he smiled really big, then we'd go ride the train. Boy did he smile big. :)

And, there they are (Carter, now smileless and Gavin wolfing down the rest of his Oreo from lunch) on the train. This little train ride was ADORABLE! It took us around the property TWICE! We saw frogs in the pond, the apple orchards that are original from the 1800's and went through two AWESOME tunnels...don't know why I don't have a single picture from the ride...must have been enjoying it too much. :)

Gavin, snaggin' a pumpkin from the gift shop.

Here's what we came home with. A massive box of apples...cannot remember for the life of me the variety...but they are DELICIOUS. Mom & I have already made 9 batches of apple pie filling to store in our freezers. (I only have 3 batches left cuz we needed an apple turnover the other afternoon while we were sewing.;) Guess we better whip up a few more.)

And, I cannot say enough about that spiced apple cider and the taffy. SO GOOD!

Thanks Mom for taking us up there! Cover's Apple Ranch was FUN. :)


Jen said...

K, so I know you mentioned before that you do home school. Any chance of doing a post with more info about your resources for that?! Or email me. I'm totally interested.

Kristina said...

What fun! That's a killer pumpkin patch. Home schooling must be crazy, but hang in there. You are the best mom for the job, really! What are you guys doing on Nov 5th at, say, 8am? I know, that's early, but I thought we'de stop in and try one of your apple turnovers :-)

Sharee and Arthur said...

What a fun field trip! I love seeing all the pictures and carter's smile so he could ride the train! awesome.

Mitch n' Molly said...

I LOVE your pictures! I would LOVE to see a picture of the long hair you are rocking these days...
I seriously think you are my hero, homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. Well done! Just think of all the TIME you get with that ADORABLE little JEMMA! She KILLs me!

The Hatfields said...
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The Hatfields said...

what a fun field trip! jemma is so lucky to have such a creative teacher!
i hope you are finding some joy in schooling...i admire you. i could never do it.
hello to the kids from our family!
miss you.

Dave and Erin said...

Yes, sometime you have to let us know more about your home schooling adventures. It's something we've considered - seems like more and more LDS families are going that way, and with enough connections, it seems to work great.