Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Rundown

We had a crazy couple of weeks prior to Halloween, so I was grateful we were able to still get around to sugar cookies and pumpkin carving. :) Here are some pics of the kids decorating cookies...Gavin didn't actually decorate. He just ate treats. I was NOT in the mood for a disaster/mess, I don't think he minded.

Pumpkin carving...

Nina & Papa gave Carter a Mr. Potato Head set that goes on a pumpkin...cute huh!

Gavin LOVED this. In fact, he was quite a hog of the big spoon we were using to scoop out all the pumpkin guts.

All finished!


This year, the kids decided to go as Star Wars characters...

Carter was Darth Vader.

Jemma was Princess Leah. She said that her character needed a gun, and I wasn't gonna buy one, so she rummaged through the toys in the backyard and found a water gun...I thought that was very creative and a good sign of problem solving skills. :) (There's the home schooling mom.)

And Gavin was Yoda. He HATED his hat...shocker. There is candy drool all over his costume in EVERY picture cuz we were trying to bribe/distract him to keep it on.

I have to give most of the credit on this hat to my mom...without her, I never EVER would have figured out what the tutorial was THANK YOU MOM for helping me make this little hat a reality. :)

I'm only in this picture cuz I was trying to keep Gavin from ripping his hat off. We, unfortunately never did get a decent shot of just the three of them. :(

Ward Party:

Jemma pumpkin bowling.

Carter fishing.


Since we live so close to so much family, we bagged trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and just drove around to ALL the family.

Nona & Papa's house.

Pop & Gram's.

Granddad & Grandma's.

I am just now realizing that I didn't get a picture of the kids with Nina & Papa at their house! What that!?!

Here's Gavin in their kitchen...

Jemma, Carter & Trey in the toy closet...maybe that's why it didn't happen...the kids be lined it in there before I snapped a shot. (Gotta place blame somewhere.) ;)

All four cousins!

We also went to Aunt Jill, Uncle Jerry & Grandma Jean's...they were our last stop and again, I forgot to take a picture of the kids with them! Lame. It must have been getting late...

The kids had SO much fun this Halloween and are already discussing what they want to dress up as next year...


Mitch n' Molly said...

Are you kidding me?! Well DONE! I am in LOVE with the Yoda hat! PERFECT! And Jemma makes the BEST PRINCESS Layah (sp?) EVER! I LOVE that Carter wanted to be Darth! What ADORABLE Children you have.... IF I could have been there I would have dueled with Carter, I mean Darth Vadar!

Melanie said...

okay seriously!? AMAZING! LOVE ALL of it! Your kids are adorable, and you're talented.

Sharee and Arthur said...

AAAAHHHHH!! I love Gavin's hat. Star Wars is such a great theme. Good job on the costumes and on getting all the fun Halloween activities done. I don't know about you, but I sure am glad that holiday is done.

Brian, Natalie, Kyrie said...

so cute! That is the best yoda hat ever! I think Carter makes a fierce darthvader even if you can't see his face. He just has that vibe! Love love love it! It turned out so amazing, all three of them looked so cute! You are so talented Jenny!

Travis and Heather said...

SEriously, I would wear that awesome yoda hat to go grocery shopping in. It is the coolest thing on the planet. You make halloween look so breezy and easy. Who are you woman? Three kids is intense, let alone dressing them all normally for trick or treating.