Saturday, October 15, 2011

Behind on Blogging...and a 60th Wedding Anniversary

I have been seriously neglecting the's partially subconscious...I've just been busy, but mostly, I've chosen to put it on the back's just been "one more thing" lately...I'm sure none of you can relate. ;)

However, because I keep this blog primarily for the purpose of documenting events important to our family, I better do some catching up here.

So, here goes:

Two weeks ago, Brandon and I had the opportunity to attend a 60th Wedding Anniversary party for his Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Ron. Brandon's mom and aunts worked tirelessly putting this together, and it was beautiful from start to finish.

I have a little disclaimer...I, of course, had my camera, but because the party was primarily when the sun was setting or already set (and I DO NOT like having my flash on auto), many of the pictures turned out blurry. Lame, so here are some of my favorites that actually turned out.

This is Brandon's grandparents outside the courthouse they were married in. She was SIXTEEN when they were married, and told a little white lie that she was already 18. Wish I could document their whole story on here, but it would be an outright novel. Suffice it to say, they were separated right after their marriage because he left to serve our country for approx. 2 years in Korea, they were incredibly poor with 4 small children and through diligent hard work, and a little faith I'm sure, they trecked across the United States to Cali to start afresh and make their own way...and guess what? They did!

Here's the dress Ruth wore when they were married. Isn't it adorable!

Brandon and his sweet sister, Jade.

Grandma Ruth...this is the only shot I got of her that (sorta) shows her face. Pathetic.

Jade and Grandpa Ron. He has had some real trials with his health lately, and that night he was not doing very well...especially with the COLD. (That lasted only a couple days...we're back up to 85+) They had him stretched out on a lawn chair and bundled to the hilt in blankets.

Here's his army jacket and her dress.

Jade slaved over the dessert for that evening, and can I just say, they were divine! Cream cheese filling with chocolate & strawberries on a flaky pastry. DeLiSh! She has culinary arts in her blood. :)

Are you salivating yet?

Brandon and Grandpa Ron at the end of the night...inside where it was MUCH warmer.

We felt so fortunate to be in the area so we could be a part of this event. 60 years, in today's society, is really a remarkable accomplishment. Congratulations again you two!


Mitch n' Molly said...

I LOVE hearing these kind of stories! It reminds me of what is possible when you forget yourself and go to work! So glad you could be there! I am sure it means a lot to them to see your babies too!
ps 85? I am JELOUS!

Sharee and Arthur said...

oh my goodness, Jen, for some reason, I am crying reading this post. Seeing pictures of that little grandpa Ron and pictures of her wedding dress and his army jacket . . . wow, I have been really emotional lately. Anyway, glad you guys got to be there for that. They sound like a really neat couple.

The Pitts Family said...

What a fun event, so awesome that you guys were there! And I love the way you write, it sounds exactly like how you talk! Does that make sense? Miss you guys!!