Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a pumpkin farm with Brandon's family a couple weekends ago and had a BlAsT! We did everything under the sun while there (minus actually purchasing pumpkins...sorta got caught up in everything else and forgot about worries though, we went to another little pumpkin patch the following weekend and came home with 4, so we are NOT lacking in the pumpkin department. :)

Here's Gavin watching his brother and sister ride horses.
When we first arrived, Brandon's mom (Nina as the kids call her) asked the kids what they wanted to do first. Jemma promptly responded, "Ride The Horses!"
So, they did. :)

His face looks so chubby here! LOVE IT!

Next was the petting zoo. This is probably the best petting zoo I have ever been to. Tons of different kinds of animals - most of which had a baby with them (ADORABLE)...they even had an ostrich and a zebra! A little random for a farm style petting zoo, but cool none the less.

Jemma was pretty comfortable with the animals...that rabbit looks pretty uncomfortable. She asks regularly for a dog. Not happening.

There was a section inside where you could actually go in with the animals and Nina and Papa were brave enough to venture in with the grandkids.

Papa with Carter & (cousin) Trey...darn goat wouldn't get out of the way.

This is perhaps the first picture EVER taken of all 4 grandkids where NO ONE is Crying!!! Score.

Gavin kept calling the pumpkins "balls"...he was intrigued by them for sure.

All 4 AGAIN!

Playin' around.

The train.

Me & the boys...Jade, Jemma & Trey were a few seats back and we didn't get a pic of them. :(

This was possibly the highlight of the trip for the kids. If you paid a couple bucks, they could go out on these bouncy things (for lack of a better description/name) and jump their hearts out. They had a ball!

We had so much fun hangin' with the family! When and where is the next PaRtY!? :)


The Pitts Family said...

Gavin looks so grown up! Not a baby any more! Your kids are so cute and look like they are having a blast in California. I am so glad that you guys get to spend so much time with family! Can't wait to see your Halloween costumes, I am sure you have something amazing up your sleeve.

Sharee and Arthur said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun! Where is that? I didn't know there was anything that cute around there . . . :) anyway, I love all the pictures. Very, very cute.

Mitch n' Molly said...

Those pictures are AMAZING! Jemma and that sweet bunny...I about died! I am with Brianne, I CANNOT wait to see your Halloween costumes!

Eric and Jewels said...

I'm jealous!! What a cool pumpkin patch! We were losers this year and picked up our pumpkins at a super wal-mart(but at least we got pumpkins normally skip out on it,but after reading your post my goal for next year is to go to a pumpkin patch). Cute pictures as always but I guess its hard to have ugly pictures when you've got kids that are just too darn cute!! Love you lots!