Sunday, September 25, 2011

Swimmin' in the heat

Before all the family left town after Melanie and Jade's wedding, Grammy & Grandpa Stone had us all over for a BBQ & swim party. PERFECT! Especially since it was still very hot. We had a blast hangin' with all the family, coolin' off in the pool, and eating lots of good food...oh, and the boys managed to fit it watching the BYU game...which, unfortunately BYU did not win...:(

Daphne, Jemma & Kyrie.

Gavin & Sydney...only about a month apart.
We really need to work on Gavin's social skills. He had a real problem with hitting this sweet girl.

Carter & Sean, sportin' their goggles.

My brother Jacob and Sydney...Jacob is really great with all the grand kids. It's no wonder the little ones all adore him!

We busted open the left-over pinata from the wedding and Carter FINALLY took a whack at one of these babies. Pretty sure he loved it!

Cousin, Hayden. (He's Carter's age and HILARIOUS!)

Here's Dallin, the oldest of the grand kids. He wielded that stick like a light saber and cracked this baby wide open. Nicely done Dallin. :)

Gavin, enjoying some of his saltwater taffy from the pinata.

Jacob with Gavin.

The kids had a blast playing water charades and doing all kinds of tricks in the pool for each other...not sure what exactly was goin' on here, but we thought it was cute how they were all huddled together planning something.
The kids miss their cousins. Are you guys sure you have to wait until Christmas to come back? We'll take you for Thanksgiving, Halloween, this weekend...asap!

Love you guys!


Sharee and Arthur said...

We miss you guys too. This is a sign that Harry Potter is too big a part of our lives, but I think there's not a week goes by when I don't really wish I could apparate! Me and the kids talk about that all the time and how awesome it would be!

Mitch n' Molly said...

Aren't cousins the very best friends for our kiddos? They have a way of bringing out the very best of our little ones!

Travis and Heather said...

Girl...bring some of that sunshine yonder here place please. I think I need a "stay happy during the winter" category in our budget. That, or sunshine.