Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Joy of living in a HOUSE!

Among the blessings that awaited our family in California was a HOUSE. Ya, I know, we've been married 7+ years, and this is the FIRST time we have ever lived in a house where we are not sharing any walls/ceilings/floors with anyone else. It. Is. Lovely.

I LOVE having a washer and dryer again,

a ginormous kitchen,

tile floors,

my own bathroom, (and by "my own" I mean seperate from the kids...Brandon still shares with me:),

a garage,

a yard...especially the FENCED IN back yard where even little mister Gavin can play without me worrying that he might wander into the street,

a hose and drive way where we can wash our cars for FREE, (said in a high sing-song voice) Boy do the kids love that...chores have never been so thrilling...they get so excited when Brandon pulls out the lawnmower and edger and they get to help sweep up all the grass. Adorable.
And, we can fit our upright piano...my parents gave this to us (alright, so I asked for it...they were gonna get rid of it when they inherited a grand, and I learned to PLAY on this instrument!!! It had to be MINE...along with the fact that I couldn't bare to see it leave the family.)

And lastly, I love that my walls are not WHITE! All the brown fingerprints just blend right in to the tan walls. Perfect!

More pics to come. (For all 3 of you who care.)



The Hatfields said...

i'm drooling right now.
you deserve it.
and everyone looks happy and well-settled.
miss you.

Sharee and Arthur said...

We were just looking at your pictures and Hayden said, "That's Gavin! He's cute. But he's not cute when he hits. But he's cute when he not hits. I'm right, huh, Mom?" :) I'm so glad he can play in a fenced in backyard!

Mitch n' Molly said...

Houses rock... until you have to clean them! J/K I feel the love for your own space! Congrats! Wish I could come crash your new pad!

Mason & Laura said...

I am so excited for you guys! A fenced in backyard and everything?!? sounds perfect. Especially to have helpers sweep up grass :) I'm sure you are LOVING California!

Kristina said...

That would be 4 people, including me. I would give anything for non-white walls... anything! I'm happy that you guys are so happy.