Friday, September 30, 2011

The House

We've only been living here for about a month and a half, but here,


are some pictures...I initially had planned on putting them in a particular order, but after forgetting to put this last picture in, I was not about to reload all the pictures just cuz I left this one, for starters, here is the kitchen. :)

Ya, it's nice and big. I really don't know what to do with all the space. Especially above the cupboards...right now there are just some glass dishware and my beloved window.

Carter on the front I said, these are totally out of order.

Another shot of the front porch. I really LOVE this porch. It is so cute! We don't sit out there all that often, but it'll come in handy on Halloween! We won't have to keep opening and shutting the door. :) We can just sit there and hand out our goodies...

Front door. Love that it's red. (I have a love/hate relationship with red...I keep trying to eradicate it from my home decor, but it seems to keep slipping back in. I just can't seem to live without it!)

Wanna see a little more of what's inside? Well come on in. ;)

Gavin at the table painting with/eating yogurt.

The living room. (Can you tell what movie Jem is watching?!?) I am having trouble with this room. I know I need to raise the picture of the temple and possibly put something on top of the entertainment center, but the walls are so big and the ceiling so high compared to what I'm used to, that I'm having difficulty balancing the space. Suggestions welcome! And, I haven't put any window treatments up cuz there are SO MANY WINDOWS! They would need to match, and I can't do 4 new sets of window treatments right now...and that's just the living room. I LOVE all the light though! Definitely welcome after living in dark apartments with one window per room.

Our beloved piano. I was super bummed that it didn't fit in the living room, but at least it's close by. (Never thought I would have a piano in my dining area/kitchen.) I would LOVE to find an area rug to go under it. I think it would help absorb some of the sound. (It's pretty loud with the tile under it and high ceilings...not that I'm complaining!)

View of the whole dining area.

And here's a front view of the house. Isn't it cute! I love the rock accent along the bottom and the little window above the garage. (I've been having a rough time with Carter...what's new...maybe I should put him in the attic when he's least he'd have a window to look out of.)

No bedroom pics yet...I'm truthfully not doing a whole lot in those areas...we're only here for like 10 more months and I don't wanna get carried away in a space I won't be staying in, ya know.


The Hatfields said...

your house is just beautiful. i'm so happy for you. and i'm so glad you are loving the piano.
have you seen the tutorials for painted rugs? You can get a cheapy rug at IKEA or Target and then tape off or stencil? they look wonderful and you might like it under the piano on the tile floor.
miss you!

Stephanie said...

what a cute house! You're doing a great job decorating, that's the FUNNEST thing for me, is putting together a new house =)

Kristina said...

What a beautiful home! And it's decorated so perfectly for fall? I'm in denial that it's fall already. This is my LEAST favorite holiday, ugg. But your home looks so warm and inviting (like it always has). I just want to run in and jump on the couch with Jemma. Is that Tangled? Tell her to pause it 'til I get there. I know what you mean about the window treatments. There are a gazillion windows in our new place and I can't afford to dress them all. I love the lawn, the portch, the DOOR!, the high ceilings, the piano, the kitchen... basically everything! I miss you.

Kristina said...

yes, I am aware that Fall isn't a holiday, duh! boy am I glad it's friday.

Mitch n' Molly said...

Ditto to all the comments! I LOVE all the light in that house! GG was WAY too dark! All your decorations look AMAZING in that space! It makes me wanna come over and CRAFT.... Thanks for giving us a peek into your new digs!

Sharee and Arthur said...

Jenny, your home is so cute--you do such a great job making it warm and inviting. I really wish you could come help me with my house. I need help!!! My creative juices have been diminishing, I think. Or maybe they're just all being focused on music lately and there's nothing left for any other creativity . . . anyway, love the pics.

Dave and Erin said...

Wow guys, nice house!