Monday, August 1, 2011

July Quotes

I had a blue and brown watch band on and Carter said this: "You're wearing a boy watch. It's mine...but you can borrow it".

We had french bread one night with our dinner and when Carter wanted another piece of bread, there was just the heal left...we generally save the heals and take them to feed some ducks when I put it in front of him, he said"Hey! This piece is for the birds!"

A recent prayer Jemma said before bed... "Dear Heavenly Father. I am thankful that I did have a great day...And that the garabage man did tell us 'Can you please get out of the road' and Mommy did say 'I told you to stay our of the road. I am so upset with you.' And I did my mind. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

Carter: Hey Mom, pigs come from ham, and cows come from milk.

I took Carter and Jemma to watch fireworks on the 4th of July while Brandon and Gavin stayed home...and went to bed...(Brandon had to be up and off to work at 6:30...) Jemma and Carter both LOVED them...Carter was sitting on my lap during the show and we had a little conversation that went like this:
Carter: Can I touch the fireworks?
Me: No. They're too high and too hot.
Carter: No, no! I will blow on them.

...we were out LATE that night. So, on the way home, when we were stuck in a huge line of cars, Carter said, "Now we'll never get to go home!...and have breakfast."

We were listening to the radio in the car one afternoon and a Lady Gaga song came on the radio. I promptly turned it off...(I admit, her music is catchy and she's got talent, but I just can't support listening to someone who thrives on attention that comes from inappropriate behavior)...ANYWAY! I'll get off my soap box. Jemma wanted to know why I turned off the song...I explained that Lady Gaga's lifestyle (including clothing choices...or lack thereof) are inappropriate and I choose not to support listening to her music. Carter then promptly replied, "probly she is hot".

Jemma: I asked [so-&-so] if they wanted to play with me and they said no cuz I'm a girl and they don't want to play my game.
Carter: Jem, if your friends don't want to play with you, I will always play with you.


Kristina said...

How funny! Your kids need to come over and play again, I adore them too much. I just love Jemma's prayer. I'm sorry if my boys were "so & so".

Sharee and Arthur said...

Oh I love these! I just called my kids over so I could read them out loud to them. That was so sweet of Carter to ALWAYS be Jemma's friend. :) We love you guys and can't wait to see you in a month!

Mason & Laura said...

These are HILARIOUS! Jemma's prayer ... oh man, that is too funny for words! And I completely agree 100% with what you said about Lady Gaga (dang, why does she have to have catchy songs?!) and carter's response was SO funny. ahhh, your kids are too cute.

Eric and Jewels said...

Yahoo for Quotes! I loved them all especially Carter's promise to always play with Jemma :)