Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Break

This is my attempt to quickly cover Spring Break. It was over more than a week ago, but guilt has driven me to the computer to document the few things we did. :)

The weather was pretty much rotten. Little sunshine. Lots of clouds and wind. And even more rain. Pretty sure if I had things my way, the rains would have ceased a month ago.

Anyway, Brandon and I have been attempting to make one-on-one dates with the kids a monthly occurence and so I had my date with Jemma over Spring Break and Brandon had his with Carter. Jemma and I spent an hour at the aquatic center splashin' around and have a jolly time in the pool. Brandon took Carter putt-putt golfing for the first time. Carter was sure to tell me when he got home that he didn't go golfing, just putt-putt golfing and that he didn't get to hit the ball "up in the high" (we think he's trying to say up in the sky...ya know when they tee off with a driver). Not even 3 and he totally knows the difference. Eesh.

Then, when there was an hour of sunshine, we went on a picnic with our friends, the Bisbee family, and flew kites (before it got too cold).

We spent a morning at an indoor park with the Parkinson's (great idea Dave and Tara!) while it poured rain outside.

And even made it down to Woodburn to visit our long-time friends, the Haycocks. They took us to this adorable farm that had lots of animals to see, a fun play area and a great gift shop with DELICIOUS apple cider donuts! This little lamb was so cute and happy! It was born on Valentine's Day and thus named "Valentine". It did lots of leaping and jumping around - very fun to watch! They had two of these teeter-totters in the play ground area. Mason and Laura were good sports and rode with the kids on's much more fun that way! :)
I thought this was so cool! The goats had this walkway from inside the barn to outside in the pasture area. I just thought it being up high/giving something for the goats to climb was genius!
Alright, so I really didn't do a very good job of taking pictures over Spring Break, so I'm sorry there aren't more pictures...especially of the kids. Just wanted you to know that we didn't lounge around in our pajamas the whole time. :)


Megan said...

Oh the FG rain! But boards is over and Brandon is back that makes it all the better.

Kristina said...

What fun! You guys did a lot of things too, considering the awful weather. The kite flying looked like great fun. We need to take our kite out pronto. Wanna come?