Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Soccer Player

Jemma is playing on a soccer team this spring and had her first game last Saturday. It was actually much more than a first game, it was a first time exposure to soccer playing on a team, period. We had missed all three practices leading up to the game...I'll spare you the details, but it was totally not. my. fault.


Good news is, she did great! She just went out there and had fun...and that is what playing on a sports team (especially when you're only 5 years old) should be all about.

Jemma before the game.

Pep talk from the coach and choosing of the team name. They let Jemma choose a piece of paper out of a bag and she pulled out the piece that said "Dragon" on it. So, the team name became the "Blue Dragons". Cute. Jemma's #11.
Their team scored and Jemma was pretty darn proud. It took a while for their team to get the ball into the goal, so this was an exciting moment. :)
Jemma doin' a corner kick. She did pretty darn good for not having been at any of the practices.
We're excited to be trying something new with Jemma this year. If nothing else, we hope she learns good team-work skills and just has fun!

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Sharee and Arthur said...

Cute. Blue Dragons, huh? Sean is playing a team called the Green Lizards. :) I've been meaning to post the pics . . .