Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Festivities

It seems like life is just zipping past these days...I'm in the kitchen cooking or cleaning and the kids are out riding bikes, and we're just wrapped up in stuff.

But that doesn't mean we haven't made a little time for traditional Easter activities.

Sugar cookie making for starters...the kids were SO excited about these.

They even sat in front of the oven and watched them (ok, just the first batch) bake.
Decorating them, for Carter, was more about eating the mini m&m's.

Jemma, on the other hand, was quite meticulous...I'm lame though, and totally didn't get any pictures of them before we gobbled them up.

We also spent part of an afternoon at the Dean's home dying eggs and having an egg hunt in their yard. (Honestly, if they hadn't had us over, we probably would not have dyed eggs this year...just never got around to it. Plus, none of us are big fans of boiled eggs, and I have guilt over coloring a couple dozen eggs and then just tossing them in the garbage after they've sat in the fridge for a week...)

Jemma was sweet...Carter had much fewer eggs than she did after the hunt was over, so she shared a few of hers with him. :)

Gavin with his treasure.

Carter asking me to open one of his goodies.

Jem showin' off her loot.

It's a good thing this was last weekend, (ya, I know I'm slow these days when it comes to blog updates...) cuz the Easter Bunny visited our home this morning, and we're on treat overload over here!

More on that later. :)

And can I just say that the reason this post looks TERRIBLE is because blogger is being lame and I'm tired of trying to figure it whatever.

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Sharee and Arthur said...

good job with all the Easter festivities. my kids would gladly eat all of your boiled eggs! they scarfed them all down in less than 24 hours.